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  • Bussgeldkatalog





    Der Bußgeldkatalog beinhaltet die Vorschriften zur Erteilung einer Verwarnung, die Regelsätze für Geldbußen und die Anordnung eines Fahrverbotes wegen Ordnungswidrigkeiten im Straßenverkehr. *** NEU - automatisch - jetzt können Sie Ihr Auto finden können! *** Merkt sich, wo Sie ohne Eingreifen...

  • Route Planner

    Route Planner




    Find the easiest and fastest travel route to your destination. Insert your starting point and your destination - and get custom road map directly - on a may or as driving directions. *** And now - you can find your parked car - automatically! *** Remembers where you parked without any...

  • Berlin Parking

    Berlin Parking




    Berlin Parking application allows you to view on-street free and metered parking in Berlin. The application will continuously update your location on the map as you move by periodically showing the parking information around you. More than 500 parking places all over Berlin with additional...

  • Parkdroid





    Parkdroid - a revolutionary automatic car finder ! Parkdroid - remembers where you parked without any intervention from your side. Parkdroid - click on the blue car icon to find your way back to the car. Discover new parking areas on the map. Share your parking places to extend parking map of...

  • Anagog Parking Navigator

    Anagog Parking Navigator




    *** NEW - Save time and money - park your car using Anagog Parking Navigator - the largest parking info database worldwide. Select a parking lot near your destination and Click Go! Enjoy a full featured navigator including: •Voice address input •Address auto complete •Turn by turn...

  • San Francisco Street Cleaning

    San Francisco Street Cleaning




    *** NEW – automatic notification about street cleaning info *** San Francisco Street Cleaning Free app has the most information about street sweeping schedule in San Francisco. Did you remember to move your car? San Francisco Street Cleaning parking tickets are no fun. Avoid them with a digital...

  • Show The Way (Where is My Car)

    Show The Way (Where is My Car)




    Are you in a important place? And do you need to come this place later? "Show The Way" saves your place, detect your address and navigate your saved location. *** And now - you can find your car - automatically! *** Remembers where you parked without any intervention from your side....

  • Track Location & Car

    Track Location & Car




    Introducing Track Location - location tracking made easier. Track Location utilizes precise GPS location data in-addition to accurate Google Play Location Services data to pinpoint your location. *** And now - you can also store the parked location of your car - automatically! *** Remembers...

  • Singapore MRT Route

    Singapore MRT Route




    Singapore's MRT system is expending. But it is also getting complicated. It only saves you travel time if you know what is the best station to transfer. Image below situations: * What is fastest route to get from Ang Mo Kio to Boon Lay? * Hougang to City hall? * Paya Lebar to Buona Vista?...

  • Anagog FindMyCar

    Anagog FindMyCar




    Anagog FindMyCar a revolutionary automatic car finder ! Anagog FindMyCar remembers where you parked without any intervention from you side. The app also provides you walking guidance to your car and saves your parking spot automatically in Anagog servers so you will always be able to find it....

  • Mobility Service

    Mobility Service




    Before installing this service please install OTO application This service can run only with OTO Background service for automatic speedcam alerts and automatic car locating.

  • BabyMinder with M8

    BabyMinder with M8




    BabyMinder Baby-Minder will remind you to check if your baby was not forgotten in your car. Once you parked and walk away from your car the app will notify you to check if none of your kids was forgotten in your car You can set the hours in day in which the app will be active. Please note – The...

  • LBS city distance Turkey

    LBS city distance Turkey




    Şehirler arası mesafeleri hesaplar.Mesafe değerleri yaklaşık olarak hesaplanır.Karayolları genel müdürlüğünün şehirler arası mesafe uzaklıkları verilerine göre iki şehir arasındaki mesafeyi gösterir.

  • חנייה





    אפליקציה יחודית המזכירה לכם באופן אוטומטי להפסיק לשלם על חניה. כל שנדרש הוא להגדיר את שרות החניה בו אתם משתמשים ואת אופן התשלום (באמצעות הטלפון או אפליקציה) ולהפעיל. האפליקציה מזהה באופן אוטומטי שחניתם וגם מזהה אם הפעלתם את שרות תשלום החניה. האפליקציה תתזכר אתכם באופן אוטומטי במידה ושכחתם להפסיק...

  • 2park Automatic Car Finder

    2park Automatic Car Finder




    2park - a revolutionary automatic car finder ! 2park remembers where you parked without any intervention from you side. 2park is a free parking utility including walking navigation to your car. 2park will guide you back to your car and show you the parking time. 2park saves your parking spot...

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