Anarchy Enterprises

  • Dungeon Run: Gold & Fire Clans


    RUN, dodge, jump, and slide your way to the deepest, fiery depths in search of the fire dragon's gold! For thousands of years the evil fire dragon has constructed a deadly and expansive dungeon that no mere mortal can enter. Hundreds of the greatest warriors and heroes who ever lived have...

  • Wiki For Minecraft (FREE)




    Currently updating for Minecraft 1.8 The ultimate source of Minecraft Wiki info at a great price! All the crafting recipes at your fingertips - fast info, organized for speedy usage. All the stuff you need to know about: Mobs, Biomes, Crafting, Recipes, Smelting, Weapons, Tools, Trading,...

  • Redstone Run




    Deep in the mine the redstone dust is waiting to be collected, but there are many creepers in the way! Run deep into the mine collecting redstone dust and dodging deadly creepers, fire pits, and lava flows! All your favorite running, jumping, turning and sliding, with hostile creepers, redstone...

  • Nether Run




    It's hot... It's scary... and the lava is waiting to burn your body and soul! But you still need quartz!

  • Creeper Run: Frozen Nights




    It's dark... It's cold... and the night is frozen. The creepers are in pursuit but Steve still needs diamonds!

  • Super Block Runner




    Run Block Runner, Run!!! All your favorite running, jumping, turning and sliding, with hostile exploding blocks, enemies, pits and other hazards. How far can you run? How many cubes can you collect?

  • Creeper Run




    Run Steve run!!! All your favorite running, jumping, turning and sliding, with hostile exploding creepers, TNT, pits and other hazards. How far can you run? How many diamonds can you collect?

  • Bear Naked Rampage




    A monstrous bear stalked a peaceful village until a brave lord caught the beast. On a day of celebration, the townsfolk gathered to watch the lord slay it. Unless of course, the bear had other plans... You're the bear let loose in the village, looking for payback - maul as many townsfolk as...

  • Miner Mayhem




    Pickaxe ready? Coal, iron, gold & diamond! 7 Miners to unlock! Getcha' chop! Get chopping in this action packed, arcade style game. You are a miner, sent to the deepest depths of the mine in search of gold, diamonds, and other precious ores. Get the treasures while avoiding the falling...

  • Stickman Freddy’s Night Runner




    It's Freddy, the Amazing Stickman! See him run, see him hop! It's night, and the way is perilous, but the golden cubes are delicious. How far can you run? How many can you collect?

  • Zombie Apocalypse SurvivalKit




    The Zombie Apocalypse is coming! What will you do when hordes of flesh eating undead overwhelm your city? Are you prepared to survive the onslaught? You have some choices to make: Shotgun or Chainsaw? Knife or Pistol? Or perhaps you dig in and lay low until the first onslaught dies down. In...

  • Dont Tap The Red Dot




    You can touch, chop, dance, hop or even flop - but whatever you do, don't tap the red dot! How long can you survive - how high can you climb? Go for the high score, and become a legend in time!

  • Storage Smackdown




    Uncover secret treasures within the lockers of this Hidden Object game! Compete against a diverse cast of characters with a new twist - all the hidden objects are affected by gravity and reshuffle as you find them. Every level is a new experience each time, randomized for maximum replay value....

  • Tiki Man




    Harness the legendary powers of the Tiki Man by chopping down the world's tallest tiki. Chop the tiki faces and avoid the hazardous tiki arms. Sounds easy? Think again my friend. 4 luscious tropical environments and 7 Tiki Men to unlock. Master your tiki chopping skills to earn high scores on...

  • Hide and Secret Treasures




    The villain Jacques has stolen the Treasures of the Ages so he can harness their mystical powers in his evil plan to rule the world. You must help Will Scout and Anna Graham on their quest to defeat Jacques and rescue the treasures. Only by following clues and escaping Jacques’ sinister traps...

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