Anastasiya Spashchenko

  • Breathalyser




    This program helps You monitor BAC (blood alcohol content), keep tabs of consumed alcoholic drinks. It also shows you how much money you spend on drinking. Features: - calculation BAC at the current time; - calculation time of excretion of alcohol from the body; - accounting money you spend...

  • Motivator




    Do more good actions!!! Motivator is a counter of good and bad actions. It will help You to trace actions, on the basis of which will be displayed Your rating (good action +1 score, a bad -1 score, neutral 0 score). You can add the most important actions for You to the favorites. Writing next...

  • Cigarette counter




    This program helps you calculate the number of cigarettes that you smoke. It also shows you how much money you spend on smoking. Features: - Display the time that has passed since the last smoking; - Displays the total number of cigarettes smoked, from the start of the calculation; - Displays...

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