Anatolii Afanasev

  • Reposter for Instagram




    Reposter for Instagram - it's a best way for repost photos or videos from Instagram. Share your Instagram photos by only ONE CLICK! Functionality - Without watermark and unchangeable descriptions for photo/video - You can share downloaded photos or videos to anything application. For...

  • Таабырыннар - сахалыы оонньуу




    Сахалыы таабырыннар 150+ таабырын 8 араас бөлөх Сахалыы буукубалар Эбии саҥа таабырыннары атыылаhыахха сеп Куруутун эбиллэ турар хомуурунньук Якутские загадки Более 150 загадок Загадки поделены на 8 категорий Якутская клавиатура Возможность докупать дополнительные пакеты загадок Постоянное...

  • Emoji Cats




    Emoji Cats - Free cats emotions for sharing with WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, VK, Hangouts, etc Introducing cat Timson. This cheerful and mischievous cat with different emotions. You will immediately fall in love and want to put him in his mobile phone. Share with your friends using bright...

  • National Flags




    This is a simple test of the national flag. You can try to guess all the flags or select one of five options for the continent: America, Asia, Africa, Europe and Oceania. During the game the flag and country name are displayed in random order. Geography Quiz, which will allow you to quickly...

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