Anders Ekstrand


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In this fast-action retro shoot-em-up game, you have to manoeuvre your spaceship between rockets, flares, UFOs, comets and a challenging cave system, while shooting down as many as possible of the enemies. Sounds easy enough? Well, you also have to keep an eye on your fuel level to avoid getting blown to pieces in mid-air. You move your ship by…

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Ännu ett steg mot det papperslösa samhället: Sånghäftet i mobilen! Detta är en sånghäftes-app för dig som tycker att det skulle vara kul att inte enbart sjunga "Helan går", utan kanske variera sig lite. Appen innehåller snapsvisor, vinvisor, ölvisor, kräftvisor, sillvisor samt både tokiga och fula visor. Det går även att SMS:a vidare v…

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In this game you control a V-winged long-range scouting ship on a mission a long, long way from home. An interplanetary highway has been planned right through the sector your are in, but unfortunately an asteroid belt has been detected right in the wrong place - jeopardizing the whole project... Luckily your ship is equipped with tactical nukes,…

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Cheburashka Clock

Cheburashka is a funny little creature, also known as "Drutten" in Swedish, or "Topple" in some English translations. Now you can have him on your Home Screen as one of the cutest clock widgets there is.

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