Anders Wolf

  • Right Angled Triangle

    Right Angled Triangle




    Solves right angled triangle. Just insert 2 known values and push calculate. Then the app do the rest for you. Can be used In the class room, or to help you do your home work. Also machinists and cnc programmers will find this app very useful.

  • Products Compare

    Products Compare


    Find the best deal while you are shopping. Just insert quantity, weight and price for each item. Then the app will calculate the price for each item, and tell you what product you get the best deal on. This app can compare only 2 items at the time. Try this shopping comparison tool and save some...

  • Tip Calculator

    Tip Calculator


    This tip calculator is easy to use. The calculator can calculate the correct tip, and split the bill between your friends or family. Pay the right amount every time. Can be useful in a restaurant, bar or taxi.

  • Ohm's Law

    Ohm's Law




    A fast and easy Ohms Law Calculator. Applies to electric and electronic circuits, and allows you to calculate values for Ohms, Amps, Watts and Volts (Current, Power, Resistance, Voltage). By entering any two known values, Ohm's Law Calculator will find the other two values for you in an...

  • Cnc Multi Calculator

    Cnc Multi Calculator




    Machine engineers and machinists cnc multi tool. This is an all in one cnc application build to help you in the workshop. This tool can help you with turning, milling and drilling applications. Also the app can help you with right angeled triangles. Sample g and m codes added as well.

  • Free Taekwondo Quiz

    Free Taekwondo Quiz




    Free Taekwondo Quiz. Train taekwondo after your belt level. Learn taekwondo the easy way.

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