Anderson Xavier

  • Android Wifi Manager

    Android Wifi Manager




    This is an app that aims to detail on wifi connections. Soon I'll be updating with new features such as connection speed test. Tags: wifi wifi router wifi antenna wifi internet wifi booster wifi dongle mobile wifi wifi radio wifi finder wifi hack usb wifi ps3 wifi wifi hotspots optimum wifi...

  • Android multiplication table

    Android multiplication table




    Multiplication table is an Android application to memorize the multiplication table of the table several numbers. In this application, clicking studying you can provide numbers and view the table of that number from 1 to 10. You can also test your memory is like the multiplication tables by...

  • Phone Information

    Phone Information




    This application aims to show your phone's settings like resolution, sim card and information among others. To get it looking the IMEI eg with one click you have in your hands. List of parameters: - IMEI - PHONE NUMBER - OPERATOR NAME - OPERATOR CODE - OPERATOR ISO - SIM COUNTRY CODE - SIM...

  • Android Tip Calculator

    Android Tip Calculator




    Enough brainteasers time to do the math or finance, Android Tip Calculator to help you calculate the tip (10%), and also divides the bill (bar, restaurant, etc.) so fast and simple. Android Tip Calculator you can even calculate your bill lowering of a credit you can take. New functionality...

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