• LockNow




    World's smallest app ever! Just install it, open it, activate it in the device admin, that's it! Put the icon at somewhere you comfortable with, click on it, done!

  • Gobang




    It's very easy: You go first, click to insert your chess piece. The computer will choose the best place to put the chess piece when you are playing against the computer. When playing with another opponent pass the phone to your opponent to take his/her turn. Rules: The winner is the first...

  • 安卓斗地主




    《安卓斗地主》是一款由安卓客团队(手机访问倾力开发的一款高智能单机斗地主游戏。 游戏画面精美,运行顺畅,内存占用低,适合各种大中小屏安卓手机。 出牌提示功能已摆脱传统的单纯牌面比较提示,采用了全新的智能提示系统,系统会考虑上家是同盟还是敌人,以及按提示出牌后牌面的发展情况,所以可能会出现明明有牌可以出但却出现“没有合适的牌”的提示,这是智能提示系统经过分析牌面以及同盟关系后所得的结论。...

  • Jump




    Tilt the phone left or right to control the ROLE moving left or right Avoid touching the spike Avoid falling down There are foods can make up your life

  • Learning Chinese




    This application is designed for people who want to learn Chinese. I'm sure this application can helps you to remember the words deeply.

  • Learn And Fun




    U wanna Learn Chinese?Or any other Languages?Here is a funny company 4 U!

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