• Kong Battle Multiplayer




    Embodie a gorilla and engage you in a monumental battle in the depths of Africa within the tribe Zégon. KongBattle is a fighting game 2 players in south of Africa. The goal is to knock your opponent with special hit unlocked thanks combo key! Enjoy yourself with friends! Who is the Boss?...

  • Football Dash Multiplayer




    Football Dash is a small 2 player addictive football game! In a physics world, spécial hit! ___________________________________ Combo Mega Attack : Combo1 : 23123122 Combo2 : 111111 Combo3 : 2333 Combo4 : 33332333 Combo5 : 123123123123123 (1/Jump,2/Ball,3/Hit)

  • Star Rocket




    StaRocket is a fast and addictive time killer. You *** This game doesn't work on : Xperia X10i, LGE Swift, Xperia X8 This game doesn't work? HELP ME! For support please contact me on : andosoftgame @ *** You control a spaceship in the vastness of the universe. Your objective...

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