Andrea Chen

  • Simple Weight Tracker




    Simple Weight Tracker allows you to record weights, typically on a daily basis. It has some space for notes and you can insert the current time into the notes. The app is designed to work with Google Drive. It will save the weights into a comma delimited text file in your Drive account. (If...

  • Napkin Ideas Paint




    What makes Napkin Ideas Paint better? Why should you choose this one over hundreds of other paint apps? Napkin Ideas has all the usual stuff: freehand draw, point-to-point lines, rectangles, ovals, and text. Configurable palette with transparent colors. Take a photo or load from your Gallery to...

  • UpGoerFive Editor




    Write a complex idea with only the 1000 most used words. Share with your friends! The idea for this writing-can-be-changed thing for the phone came from a funny picture about the flying space car Up Goer Five, and from another person who wrote about the same funny picture, and also wrote a...

  • Nicole Perretta's Bird Calling




    This app teaches you how to make bird calls. Have you ever gone birding and heard birds, but didn't see them? They may be shy of humans, but they're curious about their own kind. "Bird Call Lady" Nicole Perretta teaches five sounds that are the basis of most bird calls. By...

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