Andreas Eracleous

  • Maximize Battery Saver




    Now you can save your battery up to 50%  Maximize Battery Saver is a battery saver app where it is designed to improve and extend your battery life at the best possible condition. It uses a smart way where it controls your Wi-Fi and 2G+ network in order to keep your battery life live longer. It...

  • Mortgage Payment Calculator




    Most of us will have to make a borrowing arrangement in order to afford a house, vehicle or for any other personal expense with a bank. So is important know now what your monthly mortgage payment is, faster, prudent and accurate. Using the mortgage payment calculator you can easily check your...

  • Easy Brightness Level




    or any other app. Often you need to change your screen brightness while you are playing a game, watching video, reading email and so on, because your display is very dark. Don't you just hate it when you have to go back to the settings and change your brightness level on the device...

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