Andrew V

  • Cube 3D: Live Wallpaper

    Cube 3D: Live Wallpaper




    Simple and clean, visually smooth and pleasant 3D live wallpaper ✔ Extremely lightweight, optimized for fast download and minimal footprint ✔ Cube 3D Won't kill your battery like most live wallpapers ✔ 3D shake effects using gyroscope or gravity sensor ✔ OpenGL 1.0 ES graphic acceleration:...

  • TetroCrate 3D: Brick Game

    TetroCrate 3D: Brick Game




    A free Block Puzzle with strategy in mind: a new 3D take on retro classic falling bricks games, block sliding tile puzzles, mahjong & tangram brain teasers ✔ Think outside the box: unique game play, tactics and strategy ✔ Fast & smooth 3D Graphics, addictive & hardcore brick game ✔ No...

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