Andrew V

  • Dot Fight: 7x7 link & connect




    Connect dots of the same color on 7x7 game board. Connect as many as you can in single move. Touch and slide, linking one colored dot to another of matching color. Connect loop of four or more dots of the same color, or make really long and twisted line of dots, and get additional bonus points....

  • TetroCrate 3D: Brick Game




    A free block puzzle with strategy in mind: a new 3D take on retro classic falling bricks games, sliding tile puzzles, brick breaker arcades, mahjong & tangram brain teasers ✔ Unique tactics and strategy ✔ Robust & smooth 3D graphics ✔ Addictive and fun block puzzle: Ultimate Time Killer ✔...

  • Cube 3D: Live Wallpaper




    Simple and clean, visually smooth and pleasant 3D live wallpaper ✔ Extremely lightweight, optimized for fast download and minimal footprint ✔ Cube 3D Won't kill your battery like most live wallpapers ✔ 3D shake effects using gyroscope or gravity sensor ✔ OpenGL 1.0 ES graphic acceleration:...

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