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Math Workout - Game (free)

Math games are cool and addictive. This game is for smart ones -) Improve your math skills! Do you think that you are really good at mathematics? Check it out with this amazing programm. This is the best math trainer. All exercises are absolutely random. You can't predict the answer without solving a math problem. Difficulty grows slowly. But…

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Eye exam

This eye test allows you to check your visual acuity. The App is FREE. Take care of your vision. With this program you can test your vision at home. It can't replace optician's regular full examination or advise of ophthalmologist, but with this vision test you may discover that your eyesight deteriorates and you need to visit a doctor. 90…

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Hypnosis Session (free)

Have you tried hypnosis? While under hypnosis, you are in a very relaxed and pleasant state. Hypnosis is amazing. Some people say that this is better then sleeping. If you want to achieve that wonderful feeling you have to follow the instructions. Self-Hypnosis is easy. Now you can set hypnotic suggestion yourself. Be careful with hypnotherapy. Thi…

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Division calculator

Easy to use school calculator. This calculator will help your with long division, long multiplication, addition & subtraction. This cheat calculator can help you with your math homework. Application supports division with reminders, long division and even repeating decimals. Features: - Long division - Homework reminder - Long multiplication -…

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English lessons (free & fun)

Want to learn English? There is an effective, convenient and fun way! Get this English learning tool for free. It is designed for ESL (English as a second language) students and this English learning program is extremely useful. Improve your vocabulary. Get rid of spelling errors in your English. Learn TOEFL words. That will help you to pass TOEFL.…

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Nuclear War. Simulator.

Experience the power of nuclear weapons. Discover the consequences of nuclear war. This is a simple simulation of the nuclear war. You will feel the spirit of the Apocalypse. Atomic bomb and the hydrogen bomb were invented a long time ago. Since that time Humanity is on the brink of disaster. The simulator will allow you to start a nuclear war a…

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Eye exercises

Do you want to improve your vision? Regular eye exercises may help you to improve eyesight and prevent eye diseases such as nearsightedness and farsightedness. This application contains eye exercises which might become a part of your vision therapy. Create a reminder and do vision exercises regularly. Set an alarm and start your day with morning ey…

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German phrasebook (free)

German - one of the world and international languages. German phrasebook will help tourists in any. This German learning program will be useful for beginners. English-German phrase book contains a lot of German tourists phrases of different subjects. You can learn the basics of the German language. German pronunciation of phrases written in Englis…

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New English (songs)

Learn English without cramming, have fun with the music. Try listening to songs in English with simultaneous translation. The application will allow you to improve your pronunciation, get a good impression, and even sing songs in English without errors. The application contains several English songs performed by native speakers. Everyone who has t…

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King's Square - word game #1

King's square - the best word game! Puzzle game King's square is familiar to many of us. Now you don't need paper and pencil anymore! Just install this great linguistic game and play with a friend or artificial intelligence! Puzzle games help you to train your brain while having fun. King's square word game is for smart ones and fo…

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