Andrey Novikov

  • Androzic Location Share Plugin




    This is an Androzic plugin. It requires Androzic to be installed. It enables location sharing with other Androzic users in real time. Plugin embeds in View menu. Requires Androzic version 1.7 or higher. Locations are shared within a group (session). Locations are stored on a dedicated server so...

  • Androzic




    Navigation client that uses old OziExplorer ozf2 maps. Great for hiking, geocaching, off-roading, sailing, boating and other outdoor activities. You are expected to be aware of OziExplorer or at least of where to get its maps. Maps can also be created by yourself, but with some effort, see FAQ...

  • Androzic SMS Plugin




    This is an Androzic plugin. It requires Androzic to be installed. It filters incoming SMS messages with coordinates sent by another Androzic user and passes them to Androzic. Requires Androzic version 1.7.2 or higher. It monitors SMS messages all the time, even if Androzic is not running....

  • Androzic Tracker Plugin




    This is an Androzic plugin. It requires Androzic to be installed. It receives text messages (SMS) from GPS trackers and displays its locations on Androzic map. Requires Androzic version 1.7.3 or higher. Currently supports Xexun TK101, TK102, TK102-2, TK201, TK201-2 trackers. May be it supports...

  • OziMapper




    This is the supplementary application for Androzic. It generates maps in native OziExplorer format from online sources (Open Street Map and similar). It also can just preload online map tiles on SD card for later use in Androzic without Internet connection. You do not need this application if...

  • Androzic Compass Plugin




    This is an Androzic plugin. It provides magnetic compass screen. It can be run as a standalone application. If used as a plugin it requires Androzic version 1.7 or higher. Launcher icon can be disabled. The compass uses magnetic sensor of your device and works correctly both in portrait and...

  • Androzic Donation




    This application is only for those who want to thank the developer of Androzic navigation application. Androzic is distributed free of charge and runs without any limitations. This application currently does nothing and even is not shown by launcher. It is intended only for your good will.

  • Location Bug




    Companion application for Androzic Location Sharing Plugin which enables sending locations in real time. It is small and works in background. It does not have any user interface to see other users in a sharing session nor it consumes any traffic to get that data. Thus it is useful if you only...

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