• Pimp My Z1




    /!\ THIS APPLICATION REQUIRES A ROOTED DEVICE /!\ Pimp My Z1 is a sleek, holo, fully Open-Source (GPL v2 license) app which allows to control various sysfs interfaces present on some kernels for the Sony Xperia Z1. The features include: # CPU Control: - Set your minimum & maximum CPU...

  • Pimp My Rom (Beta)




    ----------- TWEAKS ----------- ***Network & Internet*** - Wifi Scan interval - TCP Congestion Algorithm - Media streaming tweaks - Use Google DNS - Enable/Disable HSUPA - Protect against SYN attacks - Avoid Time-Wait state - Block all redirects & source-routing - Various IPv4 tweaks...

  • Universal Init.d




    A simple, open source, root application which emulates the behavior of the init.d kernel mechanism (automatic execution of the scripts contained within the /system/etc/init.d folder at each boot). What makes this method really universal is that everything happens on the app side, no system files...

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