Android AppHacks

  • Simple LG TV Remote [All TV's]




    This unofficial app uses your phones built in Infrared Transmitter to control all LG TV's. There is no setup required but your phone must have an infrared transmitter to work. Note: More skins, features, and widgets coming soon. Please rate 5 stars if this app works for you!

  • Phone Control




    Have you ever lost your phone? Has your friend ever taken your phone? Then this is the perfect app for you! This app allows you to control your phone remotely from any other phone and do just about anything. If you lose your phone you can: get its location, make an alarm sound, turn on the...

  • Energy Sword Halo [LWP] Full




    This is an amazing live wallpaper of an Energy Sword. It has a brilliant electric glow and pulses different colors based on your phones current battery percentage. There are a number of setting to customize the look to your liking and its easy on the batter as well. Pulses Green: 60%-40% Pulses...

  • Floppy Bird High Score Hack




    Tired of crashing into pipes? Want to troll your friends? Then this is the perfect app for you! With this app you can enter any value and all the floppy bird apps on your phone (including the original) will display the score you entered as the high score! Your phone must be rooted and you must...

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