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  • Oktoberfest Blumenau 2011




    Hello, this is the official application of Oktoberfest Blumenau 2011. It is possible to view the agenda of the party, favorite presentations, share presentations on social networks, see what people has spoken on Twitter, add widgets on the desktop (see picture), check prices of food and drinks...

  • Froid - Fortunes For Android




    This application show a widget on your desktop area the Linux fortunes, in Portuguese. In case of the text to be bigger than the widget area, you can click in the text and it will open a screen to show you the whole fortune and there you can share a link to the text on your social networks, by...

  • Oktoberfest Blumenau 2012




    Olá, este é o aplicativo oficial da Oktoberfest de Blumenau 2012. Assim como na versão de 2011, é possível visualizar a agenda da festa, favoritar apresentações, compartilhar apresentações em redes sociais, acompanhar o que o pessoal tem falado no Twitter, adicionar widgets na área de trabalho,...

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