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  • Tennis Journal




    Track all your tennis matches in this app. Besides having a historical record of your matches, you can examine statistics of your performances. If you have any comments, suggestions, or issues, please contact me at The internet and network communication permissions...

  • PushpinMap




    Electronic Pushpin Map Internet permission is required for the map overlay. ********* IDEA People often use a geographic map and mark off countries they've visited with a pushpin. Besides places visited, there are also countless reasons to mark off locations on a map: U.S. states you've...

  • Counter




    This is a simple counter, basically a mobile tally sheet. - Count 8 items simultaneously using the 8 buttons - Customize each button with your own label - Save a button setup to reuse later - Remember counts when exiting app - Easily reset all counters back to 0 - Possible uses: sports stats,...

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