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  • Hit Ball Game

    Hit Ball Game




    Hit Ball Game is a very interesting game, you must pass through the fixed crash sequence to mobile screen on the ball, you can only do thisSmoothly through the game. Hit Ball Game, interesting. Hit Ball Game is a very specific mental reflection of the game, all inside. Card, you need to think of...

  • Screen Locker

    Screen Locker




    Screen Locker , this is a very simple and practical mobile phone application, installed on your mobile phone, you can give your screen lock, preventBecause of mistakes and other operations. Screen Locker operation is very simple, installed on your mobile phone, when you want to lock your mobile...

  • good sleeper

    good sleeper




    good sleeper is a novel app to control sleeping. You can set a time with wake up or sleep time, that the app will give you the same sleep or wake up time to remind you . It is good for people who love sleep or healthy life . Good sleeper is very humanized and simple control.if you think this...

  • volume controller

    volume controller




    Volume controller is a app with many uses . It can control all the volume and easy find the place to operate . Volume controller can adjust : Alarm volume , music voiume , Notification volume , Ringer volume , System volume , voice call volume an so on . Control them all easily with Volume...

  • Big Airhorn

    Big Airhorn




    Big Airhorn is a very powerful tool, you can use it instead of the reality of life in the air horn. If you install the Big Airhorn, you can easily use this application, operation is simple and convenient. Application of open Big Airhorn, select the one you want to sound effect, then hold the...

  • Funny Chinese Chess

    Funny Chinese Chess




    Funny Chinese Chess

  • Color LED

    Color LED




    It is a Color LED app that you should touch screen to change color . Color LED has different color to change , except a set of fixed colors . Color LED sets the custom colors that change the screen and LED together . When you in the dark place or in the evening , Color LED can use as flashlight ....

  • Poker game

    Poker game




    Poker game is a classic game, poker, is a kind of using playing cards gambling games. You need to screen dragging cards completeGame, the rules with the Spider Solitaire almost, but this game is more fun than the Spider Solitaire, and more challenging. You should put the cards in accordance with...

  • Calculator For Love

    Calculator For Love




    Calculator For Love is a very funny app,you can use Calculator For Love to check you and your lover how sweet you are. Calculator For Love is a very simple mobile phone application software, the interface is simple and beautiful, you just need to the input you and your lover's name on...

  • Power Killer

    Power Killer




    Power Killer is a App which consume mobile phone power . Notoriously , the best charge mode is charging after the battery work out . If not , it is bad for the battery and your mobile phone . But when the power has a little and no one know when it work out . Open the music software that will...

  • Easy calculator

    Easy calculator




    Easy calculator fit for daily use office calculator which very simply , quickly , conveniently and reliably . Different from the calculator of ordinary office , because it allows you to carry out a specific mathematical expression and holds your date . Easy calculator has advanced percentage to...

  • Topspeed Manager

    Topspeed Manager




    Topspeed Manager is a very easy to use mobile phone application management software, Topspeed Manager interface is very simple, only a few easy operation buttons, looked very comfortable. You can use your mobile phone Topspeed Manager to manage all your installed mobile phone applications, you...

  • Cut cut ninja

    Cut cut ninja




    Cut cut ninja, cut cut Ninja is a very interesting game, the fast food from fly from all sides, and you need to do is toPut them all cut off, but the main do not cut to the bomb. Chop chop ninja game modes with fruit ninja, you need to put food Cut, time is limited, each cut a snack, your time...

  • Readily Notes

    Readily Notes




    Readily Notes, beautiful interface, simple operation and easy to use. To use the Readily Notes, Readily Notes to do background color, very good. The Readily Notes, you can click the note small icon to add, enter the title and content, click on the bottom left of the screen of the button can save...

  • Bird whistle

    Bird whistle




    Bird whistle is a simple interface, the frequency 1000 Hz application software. Use the App, bird whistle will provide 7kHz, 10kHz, 15KHz, 19khz frequency selection, select each time will increase the same amount of hz. The user only needs to select different frequencies, you can hear the buzzing...

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