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Android developer

  • Shake Clock

    Shake Clock




    Shake Clock is a very interesting app. When you use it, you absolutely can not rely on to stop it by the alarm button, you can stop the alarm only shake it, when you finishe shake, you're Already wake up.After you have Shake Clock, you no longer have to sleep late .Open the application,...

  • Smart Puzzle

    Smart Puzzle




    Keep Smart Series --- Puzzle Keep us smart and sharp, while we are having great fun! The Smart Puzzle is a dissection puzzle consisting of seven flat shapes, called tans, which together can form various shapes. The objective is to form a specific shape (based on background outline) using all...

  • Funny 4inline

    Funny 4inline




    Play Funny 4inline against a friend or the challenging CPU player. Connect four pieces before your opponent does. Game features - 7 difficulty levels - One and two player mode - Switch levels while you play - Unlimited Undos - High res graphics (perfect for tablets like the Galaxy Tab or...

  • Birthday Number Horoscope

    Birthday Number Horoscope




    Birthday Number Horoscope can tell your luck number and best suggestions to you every day.So you can do the right thing in your life,work or financial. It's free and full function version horoscope for the day. Numerology (like astrology) is a traditional system of beliefs in a mystical or...

  • Task Master

    Task Master




    Install Task Master,when you want to stop multinomial Software of background program,maybe in the actual situation of Android moving operating system,you need to manage you acpplication to avoid the damage of performance and battery. Task Master is my favorite applicition,it also including a plug...

  • Life Word

    Life Word




    Life Word is the easy operation tool for every one.Life Word can be used to write every plan in your life.Make life is easy to control.Life Word is a one-click-app to log your business trips for later accounting.

  • App Tool

    App Tool




    Apptool is a very convenient mobile phone app.It will search all the apps installed in your mobile phone when it finish,then it will list all kinds of apps on the main screen.You can choose to remove the apps you want on the list to save memory of mobile phone or to install other softwares you...

  • Help earth game

    Help earth game




    Help earth game is a awesome game for you. The hordes of aliens attacked the Mother Earth. You are the only one who can defend your home. Launch missiles (by tapping the screen), be accurate, be strong.. be fast! You have to complete 15 different levels to defend the earth. Help earth game is...

  • Throw Ball Games

    Throw Ball Games




    Throw Ball Games is a very great game.The ball is in the right middle of the screen,you need to touch the ball,and throw the ball to the basket,but this is not easy ,because the basket will move up and down,you must catch the chance to throw the ball.Every Level was different,when the level is...

  • Baby Smile

    Baby Smile




    Shake the Phone and baby is smile, moves around for you. Shake the Phone and baby is smile and laughs and moves around for you. Smile baby is always happy and shake the phone to make him more Happy. Smile baby is a great entertainer for kids and adults alike. This is the app for you.

  • Loosen Wire

    Loosen Wire




    Classic untangle game. Find a way to untangle tangled net. Move net points to positions where no lines will cross. Check how many levels this game has! Simple design, fast and reliable. Easy to use but challenging and addicting. Note: if you zoom unintended, try to disable "pitch...

  • Funny Painter

    Funny Painter




    Draw give you a pad and a brush to draw your colorful life. Size of the brush. Color of the brush. Color background. Choose drawing effects. Eraser mode. Load a picture. APP2SD Draw have kids mode,when you setted it,random color and thickness at each stroke, shake to clear!enjoy your drawing.

  • Funny Reversi

    Funny Reversi




    8x8 chessboard game in the center position, the relationship was first placed on the corner of two pieces of different colors, and then began to turn Now, the word caught in the middle of the piece are his own pieces, and finally filled all the board or both do not eat midnight end of the game,...

  • Backup Manager

    Backup Manager




    Backup Manager is a very simple app. You can use the Backup Manager to Backup the app that you like.And you can also backup your sms、mms、bookmarks、Call Log、system setting、alarms、apn and application . Backup Manager is a smart app,you just need to touch the screen,the Backup Manager will work very...

  • Eye Test

    Eye Test




    Eye Test is a app that can test your eyes color-blindness.The test was very easy,you just need to answer that number that you see in the picture ,than write it down in the text button.If your answer is right ,you can pass.

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