• Fingerprint Lock Free




    Get the best customizable fingerprint scanner lock that actually works as a screen lock* and uses your own wallpaper! Simply install the app and your normal lock screen will be replaced until you disable or uninstall the app. Get the original and best customizable lock screen for Android! PLEASE...

  • Flashbang Stun Grenade




    This app turns your phone into a real Flash Bang stun grenade! Set the timer, arm the grenade, then when time runs out, BANG! Features Vibration, HD images and sounds, and Even uses your phone's camera flash LED for maximum, all around brightness! Get the BEST available in the market! High...

  • M4A1 Assault Rifle




    HD High Quality M4 Carbine graphics, with realistic recoil animation, high quality sound effects, real muzzle flashes, vibration, and 6 different backgrounds, including camouflage, digital camo, forest, and more! Get the best on the market! Extended magazine holds 30 rounds. Touch and hold on...

  • Stun Gun Zapper




    Use this amazing Stun Gun app to imitate the effects of a real stungun! Fool people into thinking they've been shocked, zapped, or tazed with excellent results! Get the best and most realistic stun gun on the market! Made with Loud HQ sound effects from a real police stun gun! High quality...

  • Air Horn and Vuvuzela




    Use this high quality, loud Air Horn to get some attention! Whether for warnings, sporting events, annoying people, a party or just for fun! Get the best Air Horn/Vuvuzela app for Android! Other sounds include the famous Vuvuzela as heard at many soccer games (like the World Cup) and Fog Horn!...

  • Fingerprint Mood Scanner




    Scan your thumb print to see how you are currently feeling! Place your thumb in the scanning area, wait for the scan and analysis to complete, and see what your current mood is! This app does not actually scan your finger print since that is not possible, but it does a GREAT job fooling...

  • Vibrator Pro




    Get the best Vibrator/Massager on the market! This app produces stronger vibrations than other apps due to customizable pulsing instead of a constant vibration! - Great for pleasure, pain relief, or relaxation! - Use pulse mode and use the slider controls to adjust pulse length and the time in...

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