Android Games

  • Alien Ninja

    Alien Ninja




    Imagine that you are a ninja doing battle with aliens who have invaded an abandoned science laboratory. Use your finger to swipe at the aliens to cut them in half. Objective is to stay in play for as long as possible. A timer starts at 15 secs and starts counting down. If it reaches 0, game...

  • Elite Force

    Elite Force




    Elite Force consists of 4 battles (games): 1. ELITE FORCE In this first battle, you are an undercover member of the elite forces defense team. Your mission is to defend your station from attacks. 2. DELTA FORCE In this arcade style battle, you are a member of Delta forces and you have...

  • Solo Commando 3D

    Solo Commando 3D




    A delta force commando is assigned to exterminate genetically engineered mutant monsters. You are armed with an automatic rifle and grenades. Your mission is to hunt all creatures, aliens and kill them. You will face one-eyed monsters, mutated zombie spiders, giant reptiles and also battle the...

  • Team Combat

    Team Combat




    New version completely rewritten from scratch now in 3D. You are a member of an elite special forces tasked with protecting a military base. Enemy soldiers have entered the perimeter and has now launched an attack. Your team of combat ready men must put up a front to defend the base at all costs....

  • Sudden Deadly Strike

    Sudden Deadly Strike




    New version redeveloped from scratch now in 3D. Your team of Delta forces are out on a routine scouting mission in the desert. Suddenly green lights appear from the night sky out of nowhere. Without warning, an alien space ship descends. At the bottom of the ship, 3 long blue tubes extrude to the...

  • Zombie Force 3D

    Zombie Force 3D




    Zombie Force mission objective is to stop the spread of a serious zombie outbreak in Omega - a desert research lab facility. Your task is to prevent the mutants from escaping the infected stone-walled castle where the scientists have contracted a contagious virus that threatens to spread unless...

  • Planet Destroyer

    Planet Destroyer




    A fun and easy game for the casual gamer. You have 60 seconds to destroy all planets. Speed of planets and number of planets increases with each level. Touch on the planets to blow it up.

  • Sky Shoot

    Sky Shoot




    Simple game. Shoot any flying objects. using the Anti-Aircraft gun. Tablet ready.

  • Vampire Hunter

    Vampire Hunter




    Warning! Not for the faint-hearted. A very scary game of hunting vampires in total darkness, armed with only a flashlight blessed with special powers. To kill a vampire, just shine the light at them. Challenge increases with each level as you will face more and more vampires. Tablet Ready....

  • Atomic Equalizer

    Atomic Equalizer




    A fun and addictive game for the casual gamer. Balance the ball in the center of the metallic platform for 30 seconds. Use the arrows to 'shoot' invisible atomic particles to tilt the platform in order to prevent the ball from falling. Tablet Ready.

  • Cube Destroyer

    Cube Destroyer




    A simple game for the casual gamer, yet fun and addictive. Use the White Ball at the bottom of the screen to hit the Purple Rotating Cubes. You have 30 seconds to complete the task. Challenge increases each level as number of Cubes increase. To launch the White Ball at the Cubes, pull back on...

  • Particle Bouncer

    Particle Bouncer




    Use the White Ball to hit the other Colored Balls up and over the top of the screen. You have 60 seconds to complete the task. Challenge increases each level as number of Balls increase. To launch the White Ball at the other Colored Balls, pull back on the White Ball then release it like a...

  • Zombie Hunter

    Zombie Hunter




    A scary but fun game of hunting zombies in total darkness, armed with only a flashlight blessed with special powers. To kill a zombie, just shine the light at it. Are you brave enough to hunt zombies, not knowing that at any one time, a zombie may be breathing down your neck! Challenge...

  • Dragon Wars

    Dragon Wars




    Defend against the attack by dragons. Use the guided missiles to intercept the invasion. The arrow keys control the missiles. Simple and easy yet fun to play. Tablet ready.

  • Bomb Defence

    Bomb Defence




    Shoot missiles at the falling bombs. You can control the flight of the missiles using the arrow key controls at bottom of screen. Tips: - You can also use one single missile to deflect more than one bomb at a time - either vertically or horizontally, depending on the collision angle - Bombs...

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