Android Games

  • Terrorist Equalizer

    Terrorist Equalizer




    A simple game for the casual gamer. Counter-Strike environment. Shoot the terrorist. Avoid shooting the girl hostage. Needs fast reflexes and sharp shooting. App2SD supported. Tablet ready.

  • Space Fighter

    Space Fighter




    Fun and addictive space shooting game. Blast away the aliens. At level 3, there will be an auto power-up which increases your firepower by a factor of 3. Multi level free game of galaxy war. Win each battle to proceed to the next level. Use your advanced weapon to strike the enemy. Tablet ready.

  • Stealth Fighter

    Stealth Fighter




    Fight alien spacecraft in our airspace. Use missiles to destroy them. Avoid their bombs. Tablet ready.

  • Zero Tolerance

    Zero Tolerance




    Have fun in a shooting environment. Shoot the Terrorists but do not shoot the CT forces. App2SD supported. Tablet ready.

  • Sniper Assassin

    Sniper Assassin




    Games include: - Sniper Assassin Shooter - Roof Top Shootout - Oil Rig Attack - Helicopter Gunship Attack - Guided Missiles - Time Bombs - Robot Wars - War Demon Do not uninstall, as new levels (games) are being added almost daily! If you are looking for simple casual style games to kill time...

  • Galaxy Stars Live Wallpaper

    Galaxy Stars Live Wallpaper




    Swirling, twinkling mesmerizing colorful stars in a serene space background. Glows in the dark too. Live Wallpaper for your phone or tablet. Stare and be enchanted for hours. TO USE: Home->Press Menu->Wallpaper->Live Wallpapers->[Galaxy Stars Live Wallpaper] TO CONFIGURE:...

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