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  • Christmas Flight

    Christmas Flight




    Santa flies straight up into the sky accelerating as he collects each present, amid the breathtaking background sceneries. Fast-paced fun game to keep you on the edge of your seat. Each level challenges you to collect a fixed number of presents within a fixed time. If you lose vertical velocity...

  • Whack a phone

    Whack a phone




    Have you whacked an phone today? A hilarious variation of whack-a-mole where, instead of hitting on moles, you hit on phones. Enjoy! Tablet ready.

  • Bubble Simulator Game

    Bubble Simulator Game




    Blow or rub on microphone to produce bubbles. Touch bubble to pop before they reach the top. Each bubble popped earns you 1 sec and scores 1 point. Pop a Slow bubble to slow down everything. Pop a More bubble to auto-generate 10 bubbles without blowing. Bubble is also auto-generated when blowing...

  • Asteroid Bomber

    Asteroid Bomber




    High adrenalin save-the-planet-from-asteroids game. Are you fast enough to blast the asteroids before they hit home. You loved ones depend on you. TABLET Ready.

  • Christmas Ball Game

    Christmas Ball Game




    Christmas fun game for the entire family whilst improving your intelligence and spatial skills. Use any ball to knock any other ball in its path over the edge until only one ball is left on the board. Surprise Christmas bonus Jingle Bells plays each time you win a level. Tablet Ready.

  • Artillery Cannon

    Artillery Cannon




    Physics, collision and gravity experimentation game! A physics-based game. The objective is to shoot projectiles over a wall to strike a target (purple balls) behind it within 60 seconds. You can control the trajectory as follows: * Set the angle of elevation using the up arrow and down arrow *...

  • Bomb Destroyer

    Bomb Destroyer




    Black and red bombs are falling. If they hit the ground you lose 1 second of playtime. The countdown is also ticking down. Your mission is to extend playtime by touching on the bombs. For every bomb you touch on, you earn 1 second (black bomb) or 2 seconds (red bomb). Keeps you occupied for...

  • Physics Cannon

    Physics Cannon




    An easy physics-based game for the casual gamer. The objective is to shoot cannons at an invading army of mutated aliens. You can control the trajectory by setting the angle of fire (using the up and down blue arrow buttons). * Shoot at the colored balls to collect cannons. * Shoot at the aliens...

  • Nuclear War

    Nuclear War




    A easy yet fun-to-play tactical nuclear war game. Take turns firing. You launch your nuclear missiles from the submarines & silos. Your enemy launches from its missile silos. The side who destroys all cities first wins the war. Your cities are defended by anti-nuclear system. However your...

  • Penguin Empire

    Penguin Empire




    An addictive and fun-filled casual game for the entire family. Cute penguins dash around collecting fish for their family/empire whilst avoiding the bombs. Tablet ready.

  • Submarine Tunnel

    Submarine Tunnel




    Navigate dangerous underwater tunnels in this easy-to-play submarine game. Avoid the deadly spikes. Tablet ready.

  • Asteroid Defence

    Asteroid Defence




    A simple and fun game for the casual gamer. Asteroids are hurling across our skies. Blast them to bits before they crash into our cities. Tablet ready.

  • Call Radiation Indicator

    Call Radiation Indicator




    When reception is good the phone reduces power & EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation). If reception is weak, the phone uses max power and emits maximum EMR. This app shows when it may be unsafe to put the phone to the ear. It helps reduce SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) - the rate at which...

  • Pendulum Oracle

    Pendulum Oracle




    Use your android phone as a virtual pendulum to tap into your subconcious to get answers. When you ask a question, your subconscious mind (which knows the answers) will reply by moving the pendulum through your hands. The pendulum is the medium which brings the answers out from within yourself....

  • Shoot Demons

    Shoot Demons




    A casual game involving Angels and Demons.. Your mission is to shoot all the hideous Demons before time runs out. With proper strategy and accurate shooting, you can easily eliminate them. Remember not to shoot the lovely Angels.

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