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  • Bomb Destroyer

    Bomb Destroyer




    Black and red bombs are falling. If they hit the ground you lose 1 second of playtime. The countdown is also ticking down. Your mission is to extend playtime by touching on the bombs. For every bomb you touch on, you earn 1 second (black bomb) or 2 seconds (red bomb). Keeps you occupied for...

  • Artillery Cannon

    Artillery Cannon




    Physics, collision and gravity experimentation game! A physics-based game. The objective is to shoot projectiles over a wall to strike a target (purple balls) behind it within 60 seconds. You can control the trajectory as follows: * Set the angle of elevation using the up arrow and down arrow *...

  • Nirvana Physics

    Nirvana Physics




    Android's smallest game engine - micro lightweight Nirvana. This fun and addictive game is a demo of Nirvana. This game demonstrates its physics projectile capability. You have attack tanks and rockets. Your mission is to counter their attack and defend your turret tower by launching cannon...

  • Galaxy Strike

    Galaxy Strike




    Alien attack from a distant galaxy. Your mission is to defend your force. Strike the enemy with your photon laser weapon. Collect power ups along the way to triple your firepower. Win each battle by staying alive and you will win the war. Have fun competing for global best scores and to unlock...

  • Physics Balloons

    Physics Balloons




    A simple casual game for the kids. The Objective is to extend play time for as long as possible. To do that, touch on the ballons to send them upwards. For every balloon that reaches the top, 1 second will be added to your playtime. The game initially starts with a 30 seconds countdown. Fun and...

  • Physics Stacker

    Physics Stacker




    Real-world physics gravity-defying stack the tower game! Defy gravity. Stack blocks as high as you can. Each level has different number of blocks to stack. The number increases with each level - as the challenge increases. The higher you stack the more the tower totters - just like the real...

  • Telekinesis Game

    Telekinesis Game




    Our planet is under nuclear attack. Your mission is to use your psychic telekinetic power to stop the bombs from falling. Touch on hearts with compassion to harness the love energy to send the nuclear weapons up. Avoid the evil snakes which will bring Satan's destruction on Earth. Your home...

  • Physics Cannon

    Physics Cannon




    An easy physics-based game for the casual gamer. The objective is to shoot cannons at an invading army of mutated aliens. You can control the trajectory by setting the angle of fire (using the up and down blue arrow buttons). * Shoot at the colored balls to collect cannons. * Shoot at the aliens...

  • Deadly Cut

    Deadly Cut




    You have entered an exotic forest. But beware - therein lives large insects never before seen. Armed with a katana, cut them in half. How to play: Use your sword finger to slash the bugs, insects. Avoid the bombs. Multi level.

  • Humans vs Aliens

    Humans vs Aliens




    A challenging and fun-to-play tactical war game between humans and aliens. Train your units [on the Left] and send them to battle the enemy [on the Right]. At your command are Rifle Marines, Snipers, Flamer Marines and Rocket Marines. Objective is to destroy the Enemy's Space Ship. Earn...

  • Asteroid Bomber

    Asteroid Bomber




    High adrenalin save-the-planet-from-asteroids game. Are you fast enough to blast the asteroids before they hit home. You loved ones depend on you. TABLET Ready.

  • Penguin Empire

    Penguin Empire




    An addictive and fun-filled casual game for the entire family. Cute penguins dash around collecting fish for their family/empire whilst avoiding the bombs. Tablet ready.

  • Contagion





    The virus are multiplying at a rapid rate. A casual game of stopping virus infections. Touch on the deadly intruders to destroy them. Tablet ready.

  • Whack a Pussy Cat

    Whack a Pussy Cat




    Share a laugh this Valentine Day. Another bone-tickling variation of whack-a-mole where, instead of hitting on moles, you hit on pussy cats. Enjoy!

  • Alien Defence

    Alien Defence




    A simple but fun game for the casual gamer. Defend against attacks by aliens from a distant galaxy. Engage them in a space battle. Kill alien spaceships by releasing photon bombs. Stay alive to win the war. Tablet ready.

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