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  • Galaxy Invaders

    Galaxy Invaders




    Intergalactic invasion of Planet Earth. You are the last Hero! Fight battles in space, sky and on earth As the last brave hero of mankind, your mission is to stop the invasion. Fight battles in space, sky and on earth. OBJECTIVES: Space Battle (Easy): Shoot 100 Aliens Sky Battle (Medium):...

  • Submarine Aliens

    Submarine Aliens




    An high-suspense underwater battle between submarines and deep-sea aliens. Fire torpedoes at malicious creatures to destroy them. But be careful, watch out for their deadly hull-melting bombs. Tablet ready.

  • Witch IQ Game

    Witch IQ Game




    Get the Witches and their Kids across the river safely, but beware.. if the Witches ever outnumber the kids, they will kill them! Let your kids enjoy solving this one whilst developing their logical thinking skills. Credits: HIL Wilson for the original idea.

  • Submarine Tunnel

    Submarine Tunnel




    Navigate dangerous underwater tunnels in this easy-to-play submarine game. Avoid the deadly spikes. Tablet ready.

  • Robot Defence

    Robot Defence




    A simple variation of tower-defence-type game for the casual gamer who like it easy. No difficult rules to remember. Place your towers anywhere you like (up to 4 at a time). No need to use credit to buy towers. Each tower is set to detonate and relese 8 bombs after 2 seconds. Be forewarned. This...

  • Zookeeper IQ Game

    Zookeeper IQ Game




    One for the kids to develop their logical thinking skills. * A Zookeeper needs to bring a Horse, Lion and Hay across a river using a raft. * The raft can carry only 2 passengers at a time. * The Zookeeper must be on the raft in order to steer it. * The Horse and the Hay must not be alone...

  • Space Invaders

    Space Invaders




    A variation of Space Invaders. Planet earth is being invaded by Aliens. As the last Defender, your job is to stop the invasion. Fight battles in space, sky and on earth. Tablet ready. OBJECTIVES: Space Battle (Easy): Shoot 100 Aliens Sky Battle (Medium): 500 Aliens Earth Battle (Advanced): 1k...

  • Galaxy Fighter

    Galaxy Fighter




    Free Game. Defend against attack of the invaders from a distant galaxy. Objective is to strike and kill all aliens in each battle. Stay alive to win the war. Tablet ready.

  • Word Attack

    Word Attack




    Improve your vocabulary whilst having fun with this improved variation of word-search game genre. No rules. Words appear in any location in any order. Find the words based on the given hints. Tablet ready.

  • Fish Mating Game

    Fish Mating Game




    A fun game to share with your loved one this Valentine Day. Swim and mate with as many female fish as you can. But careful, hungry sharks roam the waters as well - avoid them. A friendly advice. Be gentle with the female fish, or she will refuse to mate with you!

  • Tank Wars

    Tank Wars




    Warning! Highly addictive! A simple-to-play variation of tower-defence game of defending against enemy tanks. Put your nuclear smartbombs at strategic locations to stop the tanks.

  • Anti Aircraft Gun

    Anti Aircraft Gun




    A fun game for the casual gamer. Easy to play yet addictive. Aim your anti aircraft gun and shoot down the attack helicopter gunships. Challenge increases each level as the gunships fly faster and drop bombs on you. Shoot the bombs to defend yourself. Tablet Ready.

  • Castle Siege Wars

    Castle Siege Wars




    A multi-level medieval war game for the astute tactitian. Train your soldiers [on the Left] and send them to battle the enemies [on the Right]. At your command are Swordsmen, Spearmen, Knights & Archers. The Objective is to capture the Enemy's Castle. Earn enough credits to deploy the...

  • Knight War

    Knight War




    Knights in medieval warfare. An addictive game of strategy & tactics. Train your knights [on the Left] and send them to battle the enemy army [on the Right]. The Objective is to destroy the enemy Camp. The battle takes place on 2 fronts - top and down. Earn enough credits to deploy the...

  • Stealth Strike

    Stealth Strike




    Free jet fighter stealth game. Strike at alien invaders high in the mountain terrain. Multi level addictive game to keep up the challenge.

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