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  • Zombie Strike

    Zombie Strike




    New version redesigned from scratch now in 3D. Shoot the enemy Zombie monsters with your bullets but avoid the pretty cute chick. Objective is to protect the girl from the zombies. In each level there will be a certain number of zombies to be killed before that level is considered completed. With...

  • Zombie Goldmine Run

    Zombie Goldmine Run




    You have entered an abandoned goldmine to look for gold. There you encounter the Jiang Shi (ancient Chinese zombies). Your objective is to collect as many gold bars as you can while avoiding the Jiang Shi's and the bombs. Along the way, you can collect the health kit and also the jade...

  • Zombie Maze Escape 3D

    Zombie Maze Escape 3D




    Your mission is to escape a maze infested with zombies and monsters. Collect the golden coins. When you have collected them all, a sliding wall will slide open to reveal a green cube which you need to walk through to exit the maze and thus complete the level. Each level will present different...

  • Assault Rifle Shooter

    Assault Rifle Shooter




    New version redesigned from scratch now in 3D. Assault rifle and terrorists shooting game! Strike the enemies using assault rifle given to your elite forces. Requires accurate sharp shooting skills. Gets harder with each level as speed of terrorist increases. Stay alive to win each mini battle....

  • Talking Buddy Fox

    Talking Buddy Fox




    Buddy the fox talks to you, tells you jokes, plays a game, shares your feelings... If you need a friend, let Buddy be your pal. Controls: When Buddy asks you if you like him to do something, you can respond by tapping on Yes or No. He will then perform the action.

  • Rocket Cannon 3D

    Rocket Cannon 3D




    You are in control of a military hover machine in a secret underground gigantic hall where rocket shooting games take place. You can fly up down, left and right. In the centre there is an aiming cross-hair which you can use to target the blocks using the virtual joystick and shoot rockets using...

  • Tactical Strike 3D

    Tactical Strike 3D




    New Version! Now in 3D. Completely redesigned from scratch. You have infiltrated an enemy warehouse and is now engaged in a gunfight. Objective is to shoot the enemy soldiers who appear before they shoot you. You are armed with a semi-automatic assault rifle. The game gets progressively more...

  • River IQ Game

    River IQ Game




    Can you bring all 8 people across river? Try to complete in shortest time for high ranking in Leaderboard. Rules: Father cannot stay with daughters, without Mother's presence.Mother cannot stay with sons, without Father's presence. Prisoner (striped shirt) cannot stay with any family...

  • Girl Snake Run

    Girl Snake Run




    A young girl is in a room with some snakes chasing her. Tap anywhere on the floor and she will walk there. Collect the white pearls to speed up her walk. Objective is to avoid the snakes for 60 seconds. At each new level, the snakes will move and turn faster to keep the game fun and engaging....

  • Hoppy Penguin

    Hoppy Penguin




    Hoppy the penguin loves to hop around. This cute penguin is having a great time jumping on ice bergs and wooden crates floating in the sea. Help her jump. This addictive game has only one single unending level. Game over if Hoppy lands in the sea. How long can you keep Hoppy hopping? Tap...

  • Ezi Bird

    Ezi Bird




    Ezi is a baby bird. This cute birdie loves to play with you. Help Ezi to fly between the top and lower pipes. See how many obstacles you can get past. A leaderboard button allows you to see high scores obtained by friends and other players. This allows you to compete with friends! Controls:...

  • Bomoh Fly 3D

    Bomoh Fly 3D




    Fly is a bomoh ( Malaysian shaman ) who has special magical powers. He can fly by waving his arms up and down. Fly loves to use his ability to fly in the jungle honing his skills by deftly slipping between narrow gaps left by chopped down tree trunks. This game has unending levels. The objective...

  • Bridge IQ Game

    Bridge IQ Game




    New version redeveloped from scratch in Unity 3D using our own original graphics and artwork. An intellectually challenging game to test your logic skills and also improve your IQ. Help a family of five people cross a bridge. Rules: Must use lamp to cross the bridge. The lamp can last only...

  • Fast Strike

    Fast Strike




    High quality new version now in 3D first person shooter view. Enemy forces has taken over a secret research facility. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to defend the lab at all cost. Armed with a special forces combat assault rifle, shoot the targets before they open fire. After...

  • Android Desert Wars

    Android Desert Wars




    Warning! Highly addictive! A simple-to-play, new genre combination of real time strategy and arcade. Stop the androids by firing rockets at correct timing using correct strategy, of either firing only on top row, only bottom row, or, alternating between top and bottom rows. Easy to play, only 2...

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