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  • Juggling Cats

    Juggling Cats




    You'll be laughing your ass off with this one. A hilarious variation of paddle-and-ball genre, where, instead of hitting on balls, you hit on cats and a bottle milk. The objective is to keep the cats and bottle milk up in the air for 60 seconds. Gets harder each level as there will be more...

  • Physics Balloons

    Physics Balloons




    A simple casual game for the kids. The Objective is to extend play time for as long as possible. To do that, touch on the ballons to send them upwards. For every balloon that reaches the top, 1 second will be added to your playtime. The game initially starts with a 30 seconds countdown. Fun and...

  • Telekinesis Game

    Telekinesis Game




    Our planet is under nuclear attack. Your mission is to use your psychic telekinetic power to stop the bombs from falling. Touch on hearts with compassion to harness the love energy to send the nuclear weapons up. Avoid the evil snakes which will bring Satan's destruction on Earth. Your home...

  • Deadly Cut

    Deadly Cut




    You have entered an exotic forest. But beware - therein lives large insects never before seen. Armed with a katana, cut them in half. How to play: Use your sword finger to slash the bugs, insects. Avoid the bombs. Multi level.

  • Contagion





    The virus are multiplying at a rapid rate. A casual game of stopping virus infections. Touch on the deadly intruders to destroy them. Tablet ready.

  • Whack a Pussy Cat

    Whack a Pussy Cat




    Share a laugh this Valentine Day. Another bone-tickling variation of whack-a-mole where, instead of hitting on moles, you hit on pussy cats. Enjoy!

  • Virus Defence

    Virus Defence




    A simple but fun game for the casual gamer. Kill deadly virus which is reproducing madly by inserting antivirus serum into the blood stream. Tablet ready.

  • Submarine Aliens

    Submarine Aliens




    An high-suspense underwater battle between submarines and deep-sea aliens. Fire torpedoes at malicious creatures to destroy them. But be careful, watch out for their deadly hull-melting bombs. Tablet ready.

  • Word Attack

    Word Attack




    Improve your vocabulary whilst having fun with this improved variation of word-search game genre. No rules. Words appear in any location in any order. Find the words based on the given hints. Tablet ready.

  • Robot Programming Game

    Robot Programming Game




    Use your logic and intelligence to solve this puzzle.Program the Robot to move to the Exit. Useful for introducing programming skills to young minds in a fun and entertaining way. Promotes experiential and exploratory learning. Improves problem-solving and reasoning faculties. Tablet ready.

  • Time Bombs

    Time Bombs




    Fun game with time bombs. Your mission is defuse them quickly by shooting them before they blow. Requires different strategy for different bomb movements. This casual game will surely keep you on the edge of your seat.

  • Dragon Rescue

    Dragon Rescue




    Save Baby Dragons. Do battle against Demons, Wraith, Imps, Tritoch, Liche, Warlocks and more... POWER UPS: Health: Collect these to increase health. Shield: Collect these to get shield. SpreadFire: Collect these to get triple fire shot SafeFire: Collect these to shoot green fire which is...

  • Christmas Flight

    Christmas Flight




    Santa flies straight up into the sky accelerating as he collects each present, amid the breathtaking background sceneries. Fast-paced fun game to keep you on the edge of your seat. Each level challenges you to collect a fixed number of presents within a fixed time. If you lose vertical velocity...

  • Marbles IQ Game

    Marbles IQ Game




    This is the refreshing new version of the highly popular Christmas Ball Game. New background, graphics and music (Pachelbel's Canon in D). Improve your intelligence and spatial skills. Use any marble to knock any other marble in its path over the edge until only one marble is left on the...

  • Grape Escape

    Grape Escape




    Save the Grape by getting to the Exit by jumping on blocks after they have landed. Avoid being squished while they are falling. Some blocks can crush other blocks. Hours of addictive fun using fast thinking and smart moves. This is the android Java version of Lazarus game. Integrated with...

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