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  • Marbles IQ Game

    Marbles IQ Game




    This is the refreshing new version of the highly popular Christmas Ball Game. New background, graphics and music (Pachelbel's Canon in D). Improve your intelligence and spatial skills. Use any marble to knock any other marble in its path over the edge until only one marble is left on the...

  • Christmas Presents Game

    Christmas Presents Game




    It's Christmas Eve. Help Santa Collect the falling presents using the sled. Fun-filled fast action game for the entire family with Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer looping music. Integrated with ScoreLoop Social Network. You can compare your scores with other global players and try to beat...

  • Grape Escape

    Grape Escape




    Save the Grape by getting to the Exit by jumping on blocks after they have landed. Avoid being squished while they are falling. Some blocks can crush other blocks. Hours of addictive fun using fast thinking and smart moves. This is the android Java version of Lazarus game. Integrated with...

  • Space Warcraft

    Space Warcraft




    An easy, yet fun-to-play space war game. The battle for earth has begun, as waves of aliens descend on our planet. Your mission is to prevent them from taking our homes. Strike them with your photon bombs. Protect your loved ones with your life. Stay alive to win this war. Installs on external...

  • Santa Christmas Roof Hop

    Santa Christmas Roof Hop




    It's Christmas Eve, funny Santa goes Ho Ho Ho and Whoopee... as he flies high above the rooftops to collect the presents to deliver to eagerly awaiting kids. Complete the mission before time runs out. Celebrate Christmas with glee and laughter. Integrated with ScoreLoop Social Network. You...

  • Terrorist Air Attack

    Terrorist Air Attack




    Easy-to-play shoot the terrorist jetfighter and helicopter game. Use your anti-aircraft gun to bring down the enemies before they hit the communication tower.

  • Call Radiation Indicator

    Call Radiation Indicator




    When reception is good the phone reduces power & EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation). If reception is weak, the phone uses max power and emits maximum EMR. This app shows when it may be unsafe to put the phone to the ear. It helps reduce SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) - the rate at which...

  • Koala Bear Maze

    Koala Bear Maze




    A maze game where the Objective of each Level is to safely lead all Koala Bears to Exit. Installs on external SD card for Froyo. OBSTACLES: Tnt: Avoid these as they will explode. May be detonated using Rocks. Saw: Avoid these as they will cut you. May be blocked using Rocks. Rock: These...

  • Valentine Love Shoot

    Valentine Love Shoot




    Another funny game to celebrate your Valentine's Day. Share some hearty laughs with your mate. Shoot your love arrow at her heart. But do not shoot too fast, or, you will need to recharge the bow energy.

  • Counter Terrorist

    Counter Terrorist




    Enjoy shooting at some terrorist with this easy and simple-to-play, addictive counter-terrorist game for the casual gamer. Your mission is to shoot the terrorists as they appear. But be careful, the enemies may sometimes lob a grenade in your direction.

  • Submarine Minefield

    Submarine Minefield




    Navigate dangerous underwater minefields in this easy-to-play submarine game. Fire torpedoes at enemy subs. Multi level challenge. Stay alive in each battle to win the war. Tablet ready.

  • Frog IQ Game

    Frog IQ Game




    Make the Black Frogs and Green Frogs swap places.In order to achieve that you will need to make the Green frogs jump to the left and make the Black frogs jump to the right. Touch on frog to jump to next stone. You can also jump over another frog if there is an empty stone behind it.You have 60...

  • Phone Killer Shooting Game

    Phone Killer Shooting Game




    Feeling Bored? How about shooting at some phones? Anytime you see a phone, just show em who's boss! Pace gets faster with each re-play. Fast reflexes and sharp shooting required. Warning! Highly addictive! Just remember not to shoot the Android phones!

  • Pendulum Oracle

    Pendulum Oracle




    Use your android phone as a virtual pendulum to tap into your subconcious to get answers. When you ask a question, your subconscious mind (which knows the answers) will reply by moving the pendulum through your hands. The pendulum is the medium which brings the answers out from within yourself....

  • BreathBiofeedback





    Use your android phone to do biofeedback. For relaxation, releasing stress, reducing high blood pressure & improving overall general health. Tap on screen each time you breathe in. Displays a panel with red, blue and green coherence ratio. Try to get green, by breathing deep and exhaling...

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