Android Research

  • Sperm Attack

    Sperm Attack




    Another funny sperm and egg game for the casual gamer. The race is on and the prize is the Egg. Stop your sperm buddies from getting to the egg first. You must shoot them, else the egg will die.

  • Pendulum Oracle

    Pendulum Oracle




    Use your android phone as a virtual pendulum to tap into your subconcious to get answers. When you ask a question, your subconscious mind (which knows the answers) will reply by moving the pendulum through your hands. The pendulum is the medium which brings the answers out from within yourself....

  • BreathBiofeedback





    Use your android phone to do biofeedback. For relaxation, releasing stress, reducing high blood pressure & improving overall general health. Tap on screen each time you breathe in. Displays a panel with red, blue and green coherence ratio. Try to get green, by breathing deep and exhaling...

  • Bubble Simulator Game

    Bubble Simulator Game




    Blow or rub on microphone to produce bubbles. Touch bubble to pop before they reach the top. Each bubble popped earns you 1 sec and scores 1 point. Pop a Slow bubble to slow down everything. Pop a More bubble to auto-generate 10 bubbles without blowing. Bubble is also auto-generated when blowing...

  • Battle of Thermopylae

    Battle of Thermopylae




    Change history. Re-fight the Battle of Thermopylae in this fictitious modification of the actual historical battle. Train your Greek soldiers [on the Left] and send them to battle the Persian army [on the Right]. At your command are Swordsmen, Spearmen, Spartans & Archers. The Objective is...

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