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  • Play to win a max

    Play to win a max




    "Play to win a max" is a board game of life every day, in which you will make choices to earn more money (transactions, savings, sales) than your opponent but beware of pitfalls (invoices, contingency, fees) await you along the way. Do not worry, your salary falls every month.

  • Sudopy



    Sudopy is my first application on android. _5800 differents grid _3 differents levels Use the comment for help me to improve it!

  • GoAndroid





    This is a simple go game for Android. Two human player can play on the same device.

  • Dots 'N Boxes

    Dots 'N Boxes




    Dots 'N Boxes,Boxes, Squares, Paddocks, Square-it, Dots and Boxes, Dots and Dashes ... lot of names for an amazing game! In Dots 'N Boxes you just have to connect dots and take boxes ! A very easy and fun game. Play Dots 'N Boxes with your friends and have fun ! You don't have...

  • BioSphere





    BioSphere is a game aiming to reproduce a basic food chain. In order to live, livings will need to eat what they can. As all species need each others to survive, you'll have to reach a stable state where every population can survive. With time, new living will be available and interactions a...

  • Reversisen



    Reversisen is a re-version of the famous Reversi

  • VIcopter





    Vcopter is a game which involves avoiding obstacles that come gradually as the copter advance. It should also avoid touching the contoured map.

  • The Minesweeper

    The Minesweeper




    The famous game of minesweeper. Find all the bombs hidden in the grid to win the game. To help you to find bombs, look after numbers showns in the boxes indicates the number of bombs in neighboring cells.

  • Blockbuster





    A simple, addictive game where you attack your opponent's playfield by chaining groups of 4 color blocks. This application was made by a student for his Android course. Rules: - You play against the AI. - Connect 4 blocks of the same color to destroy them. - Make chains to send nuisance...

  • TaquinDeluxe



    The taquin is a solitaire game with a game board composed of sliding boxes. The last box is removed and the grid is then mixed. The principle is to find the initial grid by sliding the pieces. To do this, just touch a piece to slide it. Have Fun !

  • Five in a rotate

    Five in a rotate




    This mini game is a version of Four in a Row where you must align five balls but be care of the rotation...

  • Ultimate Checkers Power

    Ultimate Checkers Power




    A new multiplayer checkers You have eat each pawn of your ennemy to win the game

  • Mastermind Evolution

    Mastermind Evolution




    Can you guess the secret code randomly generated by the computer? Put your mind to the test with this adaptation of the famous game Mastermind. You can currently play the basic game of Mastermind but new features will come soon. Stay tuned.

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