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  • Android Recipes

    Android Recipes




    Over 29,000 recipes are available in Android Recipes. You can search by recipe name or by any ingredient. Share recipes with friends and family, add recipes to your favorites list or add your own recipe to the application.

  • Memory Tutor

    Memory Tutor




    Memory Tutor is a simple tile matching game for children and adults who like matching games or need to train their memory. The game has 15 different sets of tiles to choose from. * NEW! Color Tiles * Cute Animals * Letters * Numbers * Shapes * Stars * Sports * Cars * Cute Monsters Ideal for...

  • Android Bartender

    Android Bartender




    Mix drinks like a pro with Android Bartender. 32,479 drinks available in many variations. New drinks added frequently. Look up a drink and share it with your friends via messaging, facebook, twitter or more! Save drinks to your favorites! UPDATES: I am currently working on a new version that...

  • Android Baby Names

    Android Baby Names




    Over 28,300 Baby Names available. Search based on gender and more. Each name lists the origin and meaning. Add names to your favorites and share with your friends. Add your own name suggestions!

  • System Explorer

    System Explorer




    System Explorer is a full featured file manager, text editor, image viewer, zip utility and more. You can create or edit text based files, view images on your SD Card, create/extract zips, install an app or play a media file. System Explorer is FAST! NEW! Send files via email! NEW! Open...

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