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  • Droid Ringtone Maker

    Droid Ringtone Maker




    Millions of popular MP3 ringtones is available at your choice for free now! "Droid Ringtone Maker" is your best choice, if you want to make your own ringtones. Create your own ringtone, alarm, or notification sound from an existing audio/mp3 file.You can get any ringtone you want. √...

  • ICS Barcode Scanner

    ICS Barcode Scanner




    "ICS Barcode Scanner" is based on famous app "Barcode Scanner", but enhanced with more great features! "ICS Barcode Scanner" is holo style scanner, which allows auto-scanning of multiple barcode formats by your phone camera. (QR Code, Data Matrix, EAN 8/13, Code39,...

  • VoIP/SIP Call

    VoIP/SIP Call




    "VoIP/SIP Call" is a free VoIP/SIP client for android. Key features: • Can be used with any VoIP service provider, any softswitch and PBX to make low cost or free VoIP calls. • Make free international calls over SIP technology with this VoIP/SIP Call. • Use your own contacts from...

  • Sudoku Puzzles

    Sudoku Puzzles




    Please buy "Sudoku Puzzles Pro Key" for the pro version (All ads removed). Most popular Sudoku game! Sudoku Puzzles is a free logic based number placement puzzle game. It based on open source Ansudo but will add more features. Sudoku Puzzles comes with a total of 5000 puzzles. Key...

  • AutoKill Task Manager

    AutoKill Task Manager




    Please buy "AutoKill Task Manager Pro Key" for the pro version (All ads removed). "AutoKill Task Manager" is an app manager tool which can kill running apps to speed up your device and save your device's battery life. It is "Auto Kill" enabled task killer...

  • Battery Saver - PowerDefender

    Battery Saver - PowerDefender




    Please buy "PowerDefender Pro Key" for the pro version (All ads removed). PowerDefender is a powerful, and easy to use battery life extending tool. It extends battery life by managing the battery-draining components of android devices, such as 3G/4G, WiFi, bluetooth, GPS, flashlight...

  • App2sd - Move apps to sdcard

    App2sd - Move apps to sdcard




    App2sd helps to save your internal storage of phone, to help you to install as more apps as you want! ** Features ** * List all movable apps on internal storage; * List all moved apps on sdcard; * Sort apps by Date,Size, Name, Package; * Show total & available size of internal storage and...

  • App Uninstaller, Cache Cleaner

    App Uninstaller, Cache Cleaner




    Simplest and best to use app uninstaller! Uninstall/clear cache in batch mode! Features: * All kinds of categories, Various sort mode * Batch clean/uninstall * Display app name, package, install time and size * Search app by package/app keyword * Various sort mode If you want to move apps to...

  • Shake - Lock Orientation

    Shake - Lock Orientation




    Lock your screen orientation by a simple shake! "Shake - Lock Orientation" let you enable/disable auto-rotation of your android device by simply shaking your mobile phone. Very simple and easy to use.

  • PhotoVault - Hide Pictures

    PhotoVault - Hide Pictures




    Please buy "PhotoVault Pro Key" for the pro version (All ads removed). Do you have private pictures/videos that you don't want your friends or coworkers to see? PhotoVault will help you keep them in your privacy space. Just open your gallery, select the pictures or videos you want...

  • Shake - Screen Off

    Shake - Screen Off




    Please buy "Shake - Screen Off Pro Key" for the pro version (All ads removed). Power key is hard to press? Lock the screen with a shake! "Shake - Screen Off" is very easy to use to help lock your screen with a simple hand shake! "Shake - Screen Off" is also a...

  • Photo Gallery Lock

    Photo Gallery Lock




    Please buy "Photo Gallery Lock Pro Key" for the pro version (All ads removed). Keep your photo & video in safe! A photo/video gallery 3d that hides your privacy pictures & videos with password! Do you have pictures or videos on your phone that you don't want others to...

  • Droid Call Filter Blacklist

    Droid Call Filter Blacklist




    Buy the "Droid Call Filter Pro Key" for the pro version (All ads removed). "Droid Call Filter Blacklist" is a tool designed for helping you to stop unwanted calls & messages. The best phone call and text message filter & call blocker for free! "Droid Call...

  • Replica





    Based on open source "Replica Island" game. Please help Professor Kabochanomizu to finish all kinds of missions. Fly, stomp, and roll your way through 40 challenging levels to 3 unique endings!

  • Shake - Screen Off Pro Key

    Shake - Screen Off Pro Key




    ┻┻━◎ Your PRO Key for "Shake - Screen Off"! Power key is hard to press? Lock screen with a shake! The Pro version removes all ads contained in free version! It is very easy to use to help lock your screen with a simple shake! With "Shake - Screen Off", you don't need...

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