• FourShot PRO Photo Booth

    FourShot PRO Photo Booth




    Create iconic Photostrips like the ones of a Photo Booth and send them via email or publish them directly to facebook. Now with a lot of filters to play with. Sepia, Neon, Edge (let's your picture look like drawn with a pencil), Dither, Monitor and more effects at your fingertips. Try them!...

  • StarCraft 2 Build Orders Terra

    StarCraft 2 Build Orders Terra




    Build Order App AndroCraft Lite with Build Orders for Terran for SC2. Next version will make it possible to submit own Build Orders and to rate existing ones.

  • Pocket Photo Booth Basic

    Pocket Photo Booth Basic




    The fun of a CNY Photo Booth in your pocket! Pocket Photo Booth let's you take pictures with your phone and then produces photo strips just like a real photo booth. Share your photos via email, facebook, and more. Works wherever you are: a family get together or a night on the town with...

  • Preisvergleich für Apotheken

    Preisvergleich für Apotheken




    itemeo med, der Apotheken Preisvergleich, hilft Ihnen in der Vielzahl von Online-Versandapotheken den günstigsten Preis für Ihre Medikamente zu finden. Noch ist itemeo med in der Entwicklungsphase, dennoch funktioniert der Preisvergleich bereits. In der Suche wird Ihnen direkt der...

  • Pocket Photo Booth

    Pocket Photo Booth




    This app is like a photobooth in your pocket. Take great looking and fun pictures like in a real photo booth! In the automatic mode you use the rear or front camera of your device to create photostrips or photostories. It works just like a real photo booth. Start the process and it takes up to...

  • Pocket Photo Booth Light

    Pocket Photo Booth Light




    Create iconic Photostrips like the ones of a Photo Booth and send them via email or publish them directly to facebook. The Pro Version also supports the front camera! It has more great filters like neon, dither, monitor ... check it out. You can even try the Pro Version for free for 15 minutes....

  • Flirt Helper

    Flirt Helper


    German Pick Up Lines

  • AndroCraft Build Orders SC2

    AndroCraft Build Orders SC2




    This App gives you access to some great build orders. It's a good helper while playing Starcraft 2(TM). Currently it has 9 Build Orders for Protoss, 8 for Zerg and 13 for Terran. More to come soon!

  • Price Comparison - itemeo

    Price Comparison - itemeo




    With the itemeo price comparison barcode app you can search through more than one hundred Online Shops, scan barcodes, bookmark products, share your products on facebook, compare prices ... Just try it!

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