• Malaysia Public Holiday 2013

    Malaysia Public Holiday 2013




    Malaysia Public Holidays 2013 Calendar & Countdown. Kalendar Cuti Umum.

  • PDRM Sabah Hotline

    PDRM Sabah Hotline




    Handy PDRM Sabah Hotline Number on your Android smartphone. Assist our police.Become aware. Become suspicious of possible criminal activity in your area. Call police immediately when anything suspicious occurs!

  • English Spanish Language Guide

    English Spanish Language Guide




    Learn Basic Spanish offline

  • Free English France Dictionary

    Free English France Dictionary




    Free English France Dictionary for Android.Free & Offline version. Suitable for tourist.

  • Pounds to Kilograms Converter

    Pounds to Kilograms Converter




    This Android tool Pounds to Kilograms converter will help you to convert any pounds to kg - lbs in just a few seconds. It is the most confuse Weight conversions because U.S. use pounds instead of kilograms that follow Imperial system which was used officially in the United Kingdom until 1995...

  • Surah Hafazan for Android

    Surah Hafazan for Android




    Surah Hafazan for Android will help you to memorize Al-Quran verse.

  • Kalkulator Zakat Pendapatan

    Kalkulator Zakat Pendapatan




    Kalkulator Zakat Pendapatan 2013 is a calculator to help Malaysian Muslim to calculate how much they need to pay for zakat every month. We hope this basic zakat calculator for year 2013 is useful for you. It’s will give an estimate of how much zakat you need to pay for this year. It is based on...

  • EnglishMalay Phrase dictionary

    EnglishMalay Phrase dictionary




    English Malay Phrase dictionary. Malay (Bahasa Malaysia in Malaysia, Bahasa Melayu in Brunei and Singapore) is the sole official language of Malaysia and Brunei, and one of the four official languages in Singapore.

  • Random Act of Kindness

    Random Act of Kindness




    Welcome to the Random Acts of Kindness Android Apps. Our aim is to inspire others to practice kindness and pass it on from their mobile phone. Just click and play random act of kindness to improve your social life, kill depression and and be happy.

  • Soalan Agama for Android

    Soalan Agama for Android




    Ask Islamic Question in Soalan agama for Android.

  • British American Dictionary

    British American Dictionary




    Free British American Dictionary

  • Free Malay Arab Dictionary

    Free Malay Arab Dictionary




    Free Malay Arab Dictionary for Android. (Kamus Melayu Arab)

  • Calorie Counter Free

    Calorie Counter Free




    Calorie Counter Free help you search the calorie levels of 7,000 common foods

  • Visit Indonesia Phrasebook

    Visit Indonesia Phrasebook


    Visit Indonesia Phrasebook. If you want to visit Indonesia, this Phrasebook will help you to communicate with native speaker.

  • English Arabic Phrase Book

    English Arabic Phrase Book




    English Arabic Phrase Book

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