• Jimat Malaysia Price Checker




    The application serves as a guide or reference to check consumer product prices. This app is suitable for Malaysian people who want to save cost and avoid unfair price. This apps using OFFLINE and online search. You can check local price and compare with your shopping list. We also include 30...

  • Kitab Tahlil Arwah Yasin




    Kitab Tahlil Arwah is a book app that allows the Kitab Tahlil arwah & Yasin to always be available on ones android phone or tablet. An android phone user will not be caught out without a Kitab Tahlil during "kenduri arwah" (muslim ceremony to pray for the dead, commonly practised in...

  • Panduan Haji Bergambar




    Panduan Haji Bergambar Android * Hajj Map Guide * Checklist for Hajj * Offline * Free * Automatic screen rotate Panduan Haji Bergambar Android 8 Zulhiljaha Buang rambut yang tidak diperlukan, potong kuku dll Mandi GHUSL atau sekurang-kurangnya ambil wuduk Memakai pakaian Ihram Solat 2...

  • Spell Check




    You can use the chrome page to spell check anything from blog post to homeworks. Spelling is an important part of our daily life because it measure of our level of education. The Android spell checker can help you communicate properly with someone in another country as it supports multiple...

  • Malaysia Map for LRT & Train




    Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Train Map. Malaysia Train map for Komuter, LRT, MRT and monorel – is useful when travelling in Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley. Getting started is simple, just browse train station from offline map, or search the station by using the filter function. You can also navigate to...

  • Surah Al-Mulk And Translation




    Listen Surah Al-Mulk And Translation. Please rotate you screen rotation for smaller screen. Note: You can use the apps offline without internet connection. Al-Mulk (Arabic: سورة الملك‎, "Sovereignty, Kingdom") is the 67th chapter (sura) of the Quran, comprising 30 verses..The sura...

  • Pounds to Kilograms Converter




    This Android tool Pounds to Kilograms converter will help you to convert any pounds to kg - lbs in just a few seconds. It is the most confuse Weight conversions because U.S. use pounds instead of kilograms that follow Imperial system which was used officially in the United Kingdom until 1995...

  • Rahsia Tarikh Lahir Android




    What Does Your Birth Date Mean? Doing this personality test may help you understand what makes you what you are and why you react to things the way you do. * Discover exact day you were born * Your personality based on the day of the month of your birthday. * Free and make a friend from this...

  • Panduan Umrah bergambar




    Panduan Umrah Bergambar. * Umrah Map * Guide * Free apps * Satellite map * Auto rotate 1 Ihram-sebelum tiba di miqat a. Bergunting/mengandam atau mencukur rambut, misai/jambang, memotong kuku dan lain-lain b. Mandi sunat ihram atau sekurang-kurangnya berwudhuk c. Sebelum tiba di miqat...

  • Magic Thumb Scanner




    You must have this Personality Analysis on your Android Phone !. It will ccan your thumb or fingerprint… discover your personality Share the results with your friends. !!! It's amazingly truthful!! Kinda freaked out... This app is for entertainment purposes only.

  • Panduan Solat Jamak Qasar




    Panduan Solat Jamak Qasar is a guide for a muslim in Malaysia to pray Jamak and Qasar while musafir. This android apps is suitable for a Muslim who travel a lot. It's a guide base on Jakim *Niat dalam Rumi dan Arab *Syarat Qasar dan Jamak *Takrif Qasar...

  • Rahsia Jodoh Saya for Android




    Do you want to know if your partner,secret admire love you? Now you can use this this "Rahsia Jodoh Saya" apps to know the loving affinity degree with your partner. * Compatibility calculation based on names. * Personalities trait based on birth date. * Age calculator. * Free *...

  • Malaysia Public Holiday 2015




    This free interactive apps contains a calendar showing the dates of public holidays in Malaysia for the year 2015. This is a Malaysia Calendar. Malaysia Public Holidays 2015 Calendar & Countdown. Latest Update 2015 calendar. You can use this application to plan for your next vacations. ***...

  • Indonesia Public Holidays 2015




    Indonesia Public Holidays 2015 is an Android application that help plan your next holidays. It is specially design for Indonesian user. Its has cool countdown feature and complete public holidays. It is a kalender liburan Indonesia.

  • Singapore Public Holiday 2015




    Singapore's complete list of public holidays for 2015. Its is never to early to start marking down your calendars and planning for your holidays. The apps will give you the countdowns how many days before the public holidays. Extra: School holiday included.

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