• Indonesia Public Holidays 2015




    Indonesia Public Holidays 2015 is an Android application that help plan your next holidays. It is specially design for Indonesian user. Its has cool countdown feature and complete public holidays. It is a kalender liburan Indonesia.

  • Singapore Public Holiday 2015




    Singapore's complete list of public holidays for 2015. Its is never to early to start marking down your calendars and planning for your holidays. The apps will give you the countdowns how many days before the public holidays. Extra: School holiday included.

  • Super Coins Millionaire Free




    If you love mario or Indie Platformer type of games, look no further. 73% of people failed to finish all the games challenge. Can you solve and take the games challenge? This is a free games where you can jump, fireball, and treasure hunt to earn the 1 millions coin of treasure at the final...

  • Islamic Calendar Converter




    The Islamic (hijri) calendar is used by more than a 1.2 billion Muslims around the world to determine the main days of observance in the Islamic religious year. The Islamic calendar converter will be useful for determining the approximate Western equivalent for an Islamic calendar date and can...

  • Analisis Ibu Jari Android




    You must have a Personality Analysis on your Phone !. Scan your thumb… discover your personality !!! This app is for entertainment purposes only. Malay Language. Impress and have fun with your friend or family. :) User Comment: 1. mantabss serius bagus aplikasi ini.... Tadinya mikir paling2...

  • Jumpy Pochong




    You've heard about it. Now you can experience the Jumpy Pochong Phenomenon. Jump into the fun with Jumpy Pochong Try and beat… You've heard about it. Now you can experience the Jumpy & Flappy Pochong Phenomenon. Jump into the fun with Jumpy Pochong Try and beat your own best score...

  • The Ayam Kampung




    For all action games fans, the "Ayam Kampung" will do everything to protect its chicks from the fox. Shot the fox by using a slingshot and avoid a deadly fox on every level. Games Control:1. Left-click to select (aka, tap) 2. Left-click & Hold to drag 3. Aim for one shot 2 kills.

  • Spell Check




    You can use the chrome page to spell check anything from blog post to homeworks. Spelling is an important part of our daily life because it measure of our level of education. The Android spell checker can help you communicate properly with someone in another country as it supports multiple...

  • Best Whois




    Best Whois domain database will help you to find every single domain in the world. To find out who is the owner the domain just type into the search box above.

  • Doa dan zikir selepas solat




    Panduan doa dan zikir selepas solat is a must for every muslim. * Ejaan rumi for bacaan doa (useful for muaalaf) * Zikir dan wirid mengikut sunnah. * Syarat-syarat doa dimakbulkan. * Bacaan doa lepas sembahyang ringkas (mudah dihafal) * Malay language. * Free version. * Auto Rotate mode...





    Definition: The Qibla (Arabic: قبلة‎, "direction"), also transliterated as Qiblah, Kiblah, Kıble or Kibla, is the direction that should be faced when a Muslim prays during solat. GPS based Qiblat Locator makes finding the Qibla (direction to Mecca) as easy as looking up a phone map....

  • Air Horn Amplifier +10db free




    Air Horn Amplifier +10db free for Android! Air Horn amplifier is the loudest noise maker on Android! This airhorn suitable for world cup - 100% ozone safe (environmental friendly) - Non-flammable (safe) - User friendly - wake people up - cheer at sports games (football, baseball) - cheer at...

  • Malaysia Public Holiday 2013




    Malaysia Public Holidays 2013 Calendar & Countdown. Kalendar Cuti Umum.

  • PDRM Sabah Hotline




    Handy PDRM Sabah Hotline Number on your Android smartphone. Assist our police.Become aware. Become suspicious of possible criminal activity in your area. Call police immediately when anything suspicious occurs!

  • English Spanish Language Guide




    Learn Basic Spanish offline

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