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  • Talking GPS Speedometer

    Talking GPS Speedometer




    Using your GPS device and Text-to-Speech engine, "Talking GPS Speedometer" dynamically announces the current "speed", "direction" and/or "bearing" of any sustained motion event including walking, running, biking, skiing, boating, motorcycle, ATV,...

  • Debt Watcher USA

    Debt Watcher USA




    Using the latest published data from the federal government and with some proprietary calculations, Debt Watcher USA dynamically reports “Debt Held by the Public”, “Intragovernmental Holdings” and “Total Public Debt Outstanding” across the six areas listed below. Debt Watcher is an example of a...

  • TipPRO Tip Calculator

    TipPRO Tip Calculator




    TipPRO Tip Calculator is the perfect application when you need to calculate a tip or divide a meal between your friends. Specifically designed to run on all Android phone and tablets beginning with Android 1.6. Automatically picks up local language and calculates results based on the local device...

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