Android's Buddy

  • Color Music Toy




    Funny, Simple and Lightweight toy for kids/babies, touch to play sounds.

  • Magic Light




    Use your Android phone to be a light source for light painting photograph. If any components (Red, Green, Blue, Brightness) is checked as Random, the random value will be in between the set value and the max. *** If your device run Android 2.1 with build-in Flash Light, download "Magic...

  • TrackMyPhotos: sync gpx




    Sync photos with GPX. The app TrackMyPhotos sync photos with recorded gpx file. It aim to sync photos from DSLR, Digital Camera without GPS. The app will match the Exif date/time with the gpx log to find the location where the photos were taken. The photos will be copied to a new sub-folder,...

  • GeoTag




    GeoTag, mark location of your photos - Update GPS Tag of JPG Exif manually. - Tested updated location (Geo Tag) can be recognized by Picasa, Flickr, Panoramio, Nikon my Picturetown and digiKam. - You can also copy photos from your DSLR/DC to Android device SD Card and tag it with location....

  • StarTrail Photos Generator




    Generate star trail photo from a series of star photos.

  • SimplePageSpeed




    Google PageSpeed Insights analyzes the content of a web page, then generates suggestions to make that page faster. The app fetch simple test result for any page from Google PageSpeed Insights. The results include: - PageSpeed score - Top PageSpeed suggestions - Resource size breakdown It's...

  • PanoramioViewer




    Locate your location (by GPS/network) or anywhere on map, search photos from Panoramio. Touch on the marker you can get the summary, and thumbnail of the photo, or get details of the photo. Also you can visit the photo page, or author page, in Panoramio. With a shortcut to NearbyWikipedia (MENU...

  • Camera Finder for Flickr




    Easy find photos from Flickr for specified cameras, or phones. This app retrieve brands and models from Flickr, and search photos with coresponding tags. *notice: the app search Flickr base on tags. That means the returned photo may be not took by the specified camera, it can have the same tags.

  • Brightness Control




    Easy to change brightness of screen backlight. It cover part of your screen only-on top/bottom position and resizable, such that you can check the real effect of your setting. - 255 steps (1~255) - Support Move-to-SD - 3 setting you can save and reload later. - If Automatic brightness is...

  • Lovely Words




    Do you want to type "I♥U" in your Android? You can type special character such as ♥, ♪, ∞, α, ß, Å... and then copy to clipboard for use in other apps. Touch and hold on the keys to copy to clipboard directly. 10 EasyKeys, you can assign your favorite symbols for easy accessing. -...

  • Wifi Monitor




    It's you always want to know the name of the Wifi network you are connecting, this App Widget is for you. The Widget show the name of the Wifi Network (SSID) on Home Screen. Click on the widget will show more details of the connection; such as your IP, Speed and RSSI. Note for Widget...

  • Magic Light with Flash Control




    Use your Android phone to be a light source for light painting photograph. Color (Red, Green, Blue), Brightness and build-in Flash Light can be controlled separately. Device Requirement: - With build-in flash light and running Android 2.1 or higher. - Otherwise, you can search "Magic...

  • AsciiTable




    ASCII Table, with extended ASCII (0x80-0xFF) of charset. Support move to SD Charset include: Windows-1250 Windows-1251 Windows-1252 (with Control listed) Windows-1253 Windows-1254 Windows-1255 Windows-1256 Windows-1257 Windows-1258 ISO 8859-1 (with Control listed) ISO 8859-2 ISO 8859-3 ISO...

  • NearbyWikipedia




    NearbyWikipedia use webservice to search Wikipedia articles nearby your location, or anywhere in the map. Locate your location (by GPS/network) or anywhere on map, search for any Wikipedia article nearby. Touch on the marker you can get the summary, or get details by visiting...

  • FlickrGeoViewer




    The App will query photos from Flickr Service with Geo Tag. To Load photos from Flickr: Touch on the map to choice your interested location, then touch the Search Flickr button. Touch On the Thumbnail to update the marker with the photo Geo Tag. Long Touch (Touch and Hold) on the Thumbnail to...

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