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Maps 3D and navigation

We are extremely pleased to introduce live maps android app for you that help you know about the live satellite maps right through your android phone in fraction of seconds, anywhere you stay and at any point of time you need. Following are some of the great features of this app: - Déroutes optimized for car, bicycle and pedestrian. - Simple Rout…

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Advanced Ram Booster

This is the simplest and efficient #1 Ram Booster & Task Killer . It is a efficient tool to kill background running applications and boost your RAM. If you ever think that your device(phone / tablet) is getting slow. You would love Advanced RAM booster &Task Killer that is a processor optimizer and memory cleaner and task killer. You can…

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Enable language

Since many rom of Android have not full set of language system ,sometimes it is very hard to set the language you want in your phone.Or if the custom locale function in menu don't support your language,you can try this application ! With ENABLE LANGUAGE application ,it is very easy to change the system language and applications. Three steps I…

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HD Speedometer GPS

The most advanced and intuitive Speedometer and Car Dashboard application that helps you drive safely. This app should only be used if properly secured to be hands free and not in a position to cause distraction. Please drive carefully and only use this to enhance not inhibit your ability to drive. Displays your current speed in either Miles per H…

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تغيير لغة الاندرويد

بما أن العديد من من الروبوت ANDROID ROM لا يتوفر على جميع اللغات , وأحيانا أنه من الصعب جدا تحديد اللغة التي تريدها في الهاتف الخاصة بك, إذا كانت اللغة المرغوب فيها لا توجد في قائمة اللغات لديك ، يمكنك أن تجرب هذا التطبيق! . مع التطبيق تغيير لغة الاندرويد , فمن السهل جدا تغيير لغة النظام والتطبيقات. ثلاث خطوات وسوف ننتقل من نظام باللغة الفرن…

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The Saz is a Turkish instrument - a kind of long-necked lute. It has got seven strings falling into three groups. The instrument is tuned in fourths and fifths. You can play real SAZ with this instrument as virtual application.

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Hair Clipper Vibrator

Hair Clippers is possibly the coolest app you can get! is a cool app that simulates the sound and buzzing of a salon Hair Trimmer. Press the image of a Hair Clipper in the center of the screen and watch your Android device transform into a realistic Salon Style Hair Clipper. With actual sound from real hair clippers, an animated cutting edge, and…

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