• Cracked Screen Plus




    Ever wanted to prank your friend that the new mobile or tablet screen is cracked or broken? Have you ever been so nervous he wanted to break the phone? Or just want to spend your free time while traveling, listening to lectures, or if someone bores you? Cracked Screen Plus it's the only thing...

  • Christmas Tree Maker




    Decorate your own virtual tree for Christmas! You can choose from various decorations and colors to make the best christmas tree ever. If you don't like it, simply clear all the decorations in one touch.

  • Las Vegas Lottery Scratch Off




    Las Vegas Lottery is lottery-style scratch ticket game with so much fun: every ticket you play helps your further gaming! Feeling lucky? Can you unlock the Jewel Box ticket? Play with Las Vegas Lottery now and find out how much can you scratch. All the fun without any risk. Features: - Real...

  • Word Search




    Word Search is the most addictive word searching game ever on Phone or Tablet! Currently available in 9 languages. The goal of the game is to search the word shown below the table as fast as possible. You can select the word by dragging between the first and the final letter. The sooner you...

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