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Generator shots weapons sound

Use the app to emulate and simulate free the original realistic sounds of shots from different guns offered to choose from a wide arsenal of weapons: pistol, submachine gun with a silencer, rifle, sniper rifle, shotguns, Kalashnikov AK 47 machine German Schmeisser, gun, blast grenades, flame thrower, electric shock, saber, lightsaber Jedi - (Star W…

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Five Books of Moses Torah book

Pentateuch (Hebrew. חֲמִשָּׁה חֻמְשֵׁי תּוֹרָה - Hamish humshey Torah or Hebrew. חֻמָּשׁ - Chumash), the so-called Law of Moses - the first five books of the canonical Jewish and Christian Bible: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. Pentateuch forms the first part of the Jewish Tanakh - Torah. The word "Torah" is a literal…

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Columbus - flights, hotels

Our convenient search engine flights and hotels "Columbus" is a scanner for flights, hotels. This means that you can find all the available flights and all hotels and make a reservation of hotels and tickets. Search for cheap flights, booking (reservation) tickets and hotel prices on air tickets and hotels, find ticket prices and what the…

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MiniZoo photos&sounds animals

Application of our mini zoo will help your child learn and recognize sounds, cries and voices of animals and birds. This is the perfect app to learn the sounds of animals for children to have fun with the kids and friends and cheer up. The child learns and plays - as you relax or take an active part in the game! With our app you can play with child…

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If someone pays for someone, in the end it is very difficult to calculate and distribute the daily common expenses or debts incurred in traveling, visiting different activities run by general accounting, sharing, and in other cases. Our free calculator costs debts helps you to easily calculate and distribute the money debts among all the members…

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