• Meteor (Weather) » Meteoradar

    Meteor (Weather) » Meteoradar




    Simply "See where it rains". View of meteorological radar data that covers area of Czech Republic. This is official Czech Hydrometeorological Institute application (CHMI). Features: » Precise one hour rain / snow activity forecast » Smart and intuitive GUI » Live widget to your...

  • Meteor (Počasí) » Aladin

    Meteor (Počasí) » Aladin




    Oficiální aplikace Českého hydrometeorologického ústavu Aladin je zde pro všechny, které zajímá opravdová předpověď počasí, která na poli chytrých zařízení nemá obdoby. Již nemusíte pravidelně sledovat zprávy v televizi, předpověď na internetu či cokoliv dalšího. Aladin je tu pro vás...

  • Asthma Logger

    Asthma Logger




    Asthma Logger is an application for mobile phones with Android which can help you to keep record of your asthma difficulties and thus give your allergist more information. I am asthmatic and I visit an allergist since childhood. Each visit starts with the same question: "How have you...

  • Meteor (Weather) - Snow report

    Meteor (Weather) - Snow report




    Czech mountains snow report > Actual report from all major Czech resorts > Fast data loading > Smart GUI > Favorites

  • Call back!

    Call back!




    Call back! is simple application that enables your phone with automatic dial functionality. ★ Send special SMS to Call back! enabled device and it calls you back immediately. ★ Drop call your device from predefined number and it returns you a call immediately. How to use it is up to your...

  • Alidroid





    Android interface to MonALISA repository for ALICE ( If you have no idea of CERN ALICE project please don't download!

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