• GREP On The Run




    GREP On The Run is made to be able to test Global Regular ExPressions (GREP) on your Android device. You can match a GREP expression against a string or replace all parts of a string that matches a GREP expression with a string. GREP On The Run support the Java GREP flavour and let you develop...

  • aSQLiteManager Donate Version




    This is the donate version of aSQLiteManager my Android SQLite database Manager / front end. If you buy this version you will: 1) Support the development of aSQLiteManger 2) Get more frequent updates 3) Be among the first to get the new features implemented in aSQLiteManager This is the first...

  • aSQLiteManager




    aSQLiteManger is my SQLite manager for Android. Support development by buying the donate version (and be the first to get the new features). You can edit all databases on rooted phones. You can: Open databases from within aSQLiteManager and from a number of file managers. List tables, views and...

  • aSpatiaLiteManager




    aSpatiaLiteManager a SpatiaLite manager / front end. This updates SpatiaLite to version 4.2 Please note that SpatiaLite databases in this version are NOT compatible with the SpatiLite version (3.0.1) used in the old verion version. I am working on a major update / rewrite of this app and looking...

  • aShell




    aShell only allows you to edit any SQLite database on your ROOTed Android device with aSQLiteManager. aShell has NO use without aSQLiteManager With the donate version of aSQLiteManager you get the aShell functionality build into aSQLiteManager. As it allows you to edit the system databases you...

  • a41cv




    a41cv is my open source simulator of the legendary HP41CV RPN calculator. The first production version of a41cv was released in February 2011. Nearly all of the original HP41CV functions are implemented. The calculator differs from the HP41CV in the following ways: No definition of number of...

  • aLogViewer




    I wrote aLogViewer as I realized that I, after a very unfortunately update of my HP41 simulator a41 - both for the users and the apps rating, need users to do a little testing prior to releasing new versions on Market. As I can't expect users to be developers I needed an easy method for...

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