• Ramadhan Ke Fazail-o-Masail




    "Ramadhan Ke Fazail-o-Masail" A beautiful and helpful application for all Muslims. This app contain all things about Ramadan. You will find the solution of many issue that you feel in the holy month of Ramadan such as "Which things breaks the Fast", "Which things are...

  • Qayamat Kab Aye Gi




    "Qayamat Ke Asaar" A very helpful and authentic book on Asaar-e-Qayamat written by "Abdul Mustafa Azmi". This book contains 50 hadith on the sign of Qayamat and author explain whether or not that sign has been Appeared. There are two types of signs should appear before the...

  • Malfozat-e-Alahazrat




    *** Malfozat Alahzrat*** Authentic book on sayings of Alahazrat Imam Ahmad Raza Khan. He is one of the most Famous Islamic scholar around the Muslims world. Many People loves him Because he put the dignity of Prophet Muhammad PBUH into every Muslim heart. He has fighted against the people with...

  • Aj Kya Pakayen-Famous Recepies




    "What to cook Today (Aaj Kya Pakaen)" Are you tired by thinking on what to cook today then this app will solve your problem. You don't need to think much on it. Our app will do this for you. Just download the app and see its randomly recipes. If you don't like the recipe then...

  • Eid-ul-Azha(Qurbani Ke Masail)




    "Qurbani Kay Masail" A book Eid-ul-Azha Kay Fazail-o-Masail that is written By Syed Muhammad Naeem-ud-Deen Murad Abadi. Eid-ul-Azha a very important part of Islam in which Muslims performs Hajj and Slaughtered animals in way of Allah. This books will guide user about everything...

  • IPL 2015 Schedule




    "Indian Premier League 2015" IPL 2105 is on the way. Auction has been done in February and now after some days Ipl is going to start. This time ipl will be played in India. 8 Teams will played 2 matches with every other team.Total 60 matches will be played including Match Qualifier and...

  • Deeni Tohfa Khawateen




    *** Book For Muslims Women *** A very handy and helpful book for all Muslims women. This book is written by keeping current issues in mind that will guide you to follow Islamic instructions on specific occasions. There are many problems for women now a days and also in early before Islam. This...

  • Spiritual Cure ( Rohani Elaj )




    *** Spiritual Treatment (Rohani ilaj-Urdu) *** This is very helpful and needy application for all the Muslims can be named as Spiritual Treatment English and Rohani Elaj Urdu. If you are in some trouble and as a Muslim you have to find the solution of that problem first by Quran-o-Hadees and if...

  • Khawateen Kay Masail




    "Khawateen Kay Deeni Masail" A very special and unique book for Muslim women's written by Syed Shah Tarab-ul-Haq Qadri. A Muslim man goes outside and meet different people such as Scholar and Alm-e-Deen thus they get lot of knowledge but as Muslim women's could not go outside...

  • Shirk Kya Ha Biddat Kya Ha




    "Shirk Aur Biddat" Al Quran Mafhom "Be Shak Shirk Bara Zulm Ha" Reference Surah Luqman. Meri Guzarish Ha Sab Firqah Ke Muslims Bhaiyon Se Ke Is Kitab Ko 1 Dafa Zaror Parh Len. Ye Kitab "Muhammad Shehzad Qadri Trabi" ne Likhi Ha. Iss Kitab Ka Asal Maqsad Musalmano...

  • Kya Esaal-e-Sawab Jaiz Hai




    "Esaal-e-Sawab Kya Ha" Iss Kitab Mein Apko Esaal-e-Sawab ke bary mein mufeed malomat milen gi. Esaal-e-Sawab kab se shoru hoa ar Deen Islam mein iski kya Haqeeqat Ha. Iss kitab mein ap Esaal-e-Sawab parhne ka tarika ar uske bad dua kese mange wo sara kuch mojod ha. What inside the...

  • Shabab Ya Jawani Ki Barbadi




    *** Shabab Ya Jawani *** One of the authentic and reliable book on the most dangerous topic of these days. This book is written to save your Youth from wasting it in different ways like Adultery (Zina), Masturbation, Aghlam and Jalaq. Is kitab mein bht mufeed malomat di gae ha apne apko bury...

  • Learn Namaz & Wuzu




    ~~~How To Say Prayer~~~ Learn Prayer and Wuzu(ablution) A gift app for all Muslims as Ramadan is on the way. A hundred percent authentic app for Learning Prayer and Wudhu . There are plenty of apps that shows prayer time and its dua's but none of them tells you the method of how to say...

  • Jashan-e-Melad-e-Mustafa




    *** Melad-e-Mustafa *** A needy books for all muslims on the topic Eid Melad ul Nabi written by Muhammad Suhail Ahmad Sialwi and others. This book will give you authentic references on different topics such as: 1- Dalail on Melad 2- Hazrat Amna(R.A) ka Nazara 3- Waqeat Melad per Aitraz 4- Imam...

  • College Aor Larki-College Girl




    "College Aor Larki" A very handy book written by Allama Mufti Faiz Ahmad Owaisi. This book contain all infrastructure of a college and college benefits and disadvantages for a girl. The Author is not against the education of girls but he is against the environment that is provided in...

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