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  • Locale Wifi Connection Plugin




    A Locale Plug-in that allows you to set a condition based on what wifi network you're connected to, instead of within range of.

  • Locale Auto Sync Setting




    A Locale Plug-In that can turn automatic sync on and off. Requires Locale 1.0+ and Android 2.0+

  • Locale Mobile Signal Plug-In




    A condition plug-in for the popular 'Locale' application that allows you to detect if you have a cell signal. Requires android 2.0+ and locale 1.1+ Version 1.21: Bug fix for displaying incorrect blurb on condition screen, thanks Parth!

  • Locale Call Status Plug-In




    Plug-in for the Locale app, which allows you to have a condition for when there is a call in progress. Requires Android 2.1+ and Locale 1.0+ Note: This plug-in runs a small background service to keep phone state. Please exempt it from any task killers, if you have one. Version 1.1: Ask if...

  • Locale Notification Plug-In




    A plug-in for the popular Locale app that allows you to configure a taskbar notification, which will remain until tapped on or cleared. Requires Locale 1.0+ and Android 2.1+ Version 1:01: (Hopefully) fix force-close on droid.

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