Andy Tsui

  • AppLocker Simple




    Lock your application from unauthorized access! AppLocker Simple is a free, Open Source Application Locker. Which is fast and requires very little CPU resources. You can customize it to block any number of Apps from unauthorized access. The user interface of this is implemented in the...

  • Evangelion Clock Widget




    Home screen widget that designed to the NERV clock in Anime Neon Genesis Evangelion. (Eva Nerv Rei Asuka Shinji) Display of Battery status. Config screen now powered by Android-Binding: the MVVM framework for Android.

  • New Markup Demo AndroidBinding




    Markup Demo created for Android-Binding Project. Android-Binding is a MVVM framework providing view widget to view model binding, through custom markups in layout xml files and is 100% compatible with base Android SDK. For more information, visit the project homepage:...

  • Markup Demo: Android Binding




    The Markup Demo exhibits most syntax available in Android Binding Introduction The Markup Demo exhibits most syntax available in Android Binding up to 0.45 release version. Android Binding is a Open Source Framework (Licensed under GNU Lesser GPL) free for use in any type of Android...

  • Calculator: Android Binding




    Simple Android MVVM calculator demo/tutorial implemented in MVVM with Android Binding. Tutorial text: Visit Developer's homepage [] Source code available in project homepage. [] Android Binding is an Open Source...

  • Contact: AndroidBinding Demo




    This is another demo for Android Binding, which is based on the official Android Contact Manager Sample: This is an example showing how using Android Binding simplifies the need of user-interface codes appears in the...

  • MusicPlayer:AndroidBindingDemo




    * This is a technical demo intended for Android Developers only * This is a demonstration for binding List of Objects in Android Binding, a MVVM-friendly framework. * Key Features * * Declare view binding in Layout XML files. No additional files needed. * Helps implements MVVM *...

  • Validate:Android Binding Demo




    * Technical Demo target for Android Developers * This is a demo to Input validation support of Android Binding, a MVVM friendly framework. Feature * Validation against ViewModel Data. * Validation rules set in @Annotation of public Fields * Fully support for Custom Validation rules Example...

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