Angelo Gizzi

  • Love Calculator Prank





    Disclaimer: This app is for entertament purposes only and is not a real love calculator. Are you and your friends always fighting over the same guy or girl? Well here is your chance to set them straight. HOW IT WORKS: The love calculator will always give your friends a low love match, and will...

  • Tank War 1943




    1943 North Africa, the world is at war. A lone Sherman tank is about to take on the whole German Army. Fight your way through hundreds of Panzer Tanks and Stuka Dive Bombers that will be trying to stop them and turn them into a pile of metal. How long will these American war heroes last?...

  • Baby Girl Dress Up! Free


    They are super cute and so adorable, that's right we all love babies, so let's pick out baby clothes and dress up this cute little girl and have some Baby Girl Dress Up fun! You can choose from items in 8 different categories. - Hair - Eyes - Outfit - Bows - Bibs - Shoes - Skin...

  • Fashion Model Dress Up - Free


    Can you put together an outfit that will be a big hit in the fashion magazines? Create 1000's of different fashion models! You can choose from OVER 300 ITEMS in 13 different categories. Categories are: - Hats - Hair - Eyewear - Necklaces - Tops - Dresses - Bracelets - Handbags - Pants and...

  • Easter Egg Toss


    Easter Egg Toss is a fun game that the whole family will enjoy. Use your finger to flick the Easter eggs into bin, but pay attention to the Easter Bunny. He will tell you the speed and direction of the wind so your egg doesn't hit the ground. Features: - Flick the Easter eggs into the bin...

  • Fire Truck Rescue: Racing Game


    Race your fire truck across the dangerous platforms in this fun and addicting, arcade racing game that kids will love. Simple one touch controls and a loud fire truck siren will have kids playing this game for hours. How far will your fire truck get before crashing? Features: - Simple one touch...

  • Teen Girl Dress Up


    Madison needs some help choosing an outfit for the first day of high school. Can you help her out? Dress her up with 1000's of different looks! You can choose from items in 8 categories, like hair, eye colour, shoes, tops and much more. Create a nerdy school girl look or something a little...

  • Ice Cream Maker




    Kids will have a blast with ice cream maker. You can use over 40 different items to help you make the perfect ice cream cone or sundae including, jelly beans, gummy bears, strawberries, cherries, bananas and many more! Features: - Kids will have lots of fun with ice cream maker - HD graphics...

  • Animal Card Match Safari


    Animal Card Match Safari is a fun memory game where you must click on matching cards to win. Object of the game: To find all the matching pairs of cards. How to play: Touch two of the cards. If both cards are the same, those cards will be removed. The game is over when you have matched all...

  • Fairy Find The Difference


    Fairy Find The Difference is a game that children of all ages will love. The game is simple, have a close look at the 2 pictures and try to spot the 5 differences between them before the time runs out. Simply click on the difference on the right side to mark it. Find all 5 differences to reach...

  • Decorate A Christmas Tree


    Create the Christmas tree of your dreams using your finger! If you love to decorate a Christmas tree with glowing ornaments, then this fun app is certainly for you. You have 16 different decorative items to use, including stars, Christmas stockings, bows, gingerbread men, candy canes,...

  • Stick Leg Pirate




    Help your pirate cross the bridges to get back his gold! The pirate king has lost his gold treasure and he needs your help to get it back. Simply touch the screen to draw a bridge and release to make it fall over the platforms so your pirate can walk across, but make sure you don’t make it too...

  • Hidden Object - Cursed Village




    The Cursed Village is an amazing and spooky adventure game that hidden object game lovers will enjoy. My name is Abigail and I’m the only one left in my village. A few days ago, ghostly apparitions began appearing, and soon after that people began disappearing. My friends and family, all gone. I...

  • Baby Unicorn




    Baby Unicorn is a fun game that little children will love. Create your very own Baby Unicorn with items in 8 different categories. Categories are: - Body Color - Eye Color - Hair Color - Tail Color - Shoe Color - Horn Color - Wings - Friend Tips: - Touch the top half of the screen...

  • Submachine Gun Builder




    Customize your very own submachine gun, and then shoot it in this awesome gun builder app. You can choose from items in 5 different categories. - Stock - Scope - Magazine Clip - Handguard - Silencer Tips: - Touch the gun to shoot it! The sound it makes depends on whether or not a...

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