Angelo Gizzi

  • Construction Truck Builder




    The construction truck lover in your family will have lots of fun building their very own construction truck. Build different types of construction trucks including bulldozer, excavator and more. Add wheels, crane and more in the fun simulator game that kids will love. Features: - Build...

  • Five Hours At The Hospital




    Get ready for a zombie horror experience you won’t soon forget! After leaving your job at The Asylum, you have found work as a security guard at The Hospital. The patients here are far less creepy than the ones at The Asylum....or so you thought! A zombie apocalypse has broken out right in the...

  • Jump




    Why cross the road when you can run down it? Just be sure to hop over any cars heading towards you. Quick reflexes are needed if you are to make it very far. In this addicting arcade game, you control 3 animals. Simple tap each lane to make the animals jump. Sounds easy, right? Choose from 10...

  • Off Road Monster Truck




    Race your monster truck off road. Make the monster truck jump over obstacles and collect stars. Watch out for other monster trucks and rocks that will try to make you crash. Race and jump your way as far as you can through the dangerous off road terrane. How far will your monster truck get?...

  • Unicorn Run




    Help the magical Unicorn pet run and jump her way across the dangerous landscape. Make the Unicorn jump over obstacles and run as far as she can. Watch out for gaps in the ground that will make the Unicorn fall. Run and jump your way as far as you can through the beautiful magical landscape. How...

  • Zombie Defense: Apocalypse




    This fun and intense zombie shooter will have you playing for hours. Defend the city against hordes of evil zombies. Most of world has been turned into flesh eating zombies by a deadly virus. The world war against the zombie apocalypse was a losing battle, but you have survived the mayhem...

  • Zombie Finger Biter




    Test your reaction and see how long can you survive before the zombie girl bites your finger off! Simply put your finger in the zombie's mouth and remove it before the zombie attacks and cuts it off. Make sure not to remove your finger early or you will lose. It's not as easy as you...

  • Police Car & FireTruck Builder




    The little police car and fire truck lover in your family will have lots of fun building their very own police car or fire truck. Build different types of fire trucks and police cars, including an off road police vehicle. Features: - Build different types of police cars and fire trucks - Easy...

  • Pregnancy Test Scanner Prank




    Disclaimer: Pregnancy Test Scanner cannot really detect if you are pregnant. It's just a prank to play on your friends. Fool your friends with this fun app! HOW IT WORKS: The scanner analyzes your friends fingerprint and tells them if they're pregnant or not. The fun part? The...

  • Airplane & Helicopter Builder




    The little airplane and helicopter lover in your family will have lots of fun building their very own airplane or helicopter. Build different types of airplanes and helicopters including, airliners and even a military UAV aircraft. Features: - Build different types of airplanes and helicopters -...

  • Scary Prank - Scare Friends




    DISCLAIMER: This app is for entertainment purposes only and is NOT a real hearing test. HOW IT WORKS: This prank looks just like a professional hearing test. It plays a series of tones at different frequencies and asks the user if they can hear them or not. Then at just the right moment....BAM,...

  • Baby Dentist - Games For Kids




    Always wanted to be a dentist? Well now you can with Baby Dentist. This cute baby has been eating way too much junk food and needs to go see the dentist. Drill cavities, remove plaque and brush the baby's teeth to get back his healthy smile. Game Features: - Perform dentistry on a baby - 6...

  • Vampires vs. Werewolves Quiz




    Choose Your Fangs Wisely! Vampires vs. Werewolves is a fun and challenging trivia game. You simply have to decide, is it a Vampire or a Werewolf. Example: The Danag is an ancient South East Asian _____. A.) Vampire B.) Werewolf Simple, right? Let's see how well you know your Vamps and...

  • Icarus Wings




    Poor little Icarus can't fly very well and he needs your help! Help him flap his tiny wings and dodge all the obstacles in his way! FEATURES: - Tap to flap your wings - Simple controls - Compete with friends to see who can get the highest score - Fun yet challenging game for kids of all...

  • Love Calculator Prank




    Disclaimer: This app is for entertament purposes only and is not a real love calculator. Are you and your friends always fighting over the same guy or girl? Well here is your chance to set them straight. HOW IT WORKS: The love calculator will always give your friends a low love match, and will...

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