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Escape From The Hospital

Get ready for a zombie horror experience you won’t soon forget! After leaving your job at The Asylum, you have found work as a security guard at The Hospital. The patients here are far less creepy than the ones at The Asylum....or so you thought! A zombie apocalypse has broken out right in the middle of your shift! You need to leave before the zo…

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Adult Sex Test

Hi, I'm Ms. Mona Lott and I'll be your teacher for today. I have put together a test filled with some of the funniest and most bizarre questions about sex you have ever seen. Let's see how much you really know about sex. Are you ready to take the ADULT SEX TEST? FEATURES: - Beautiful graphics (aka Ms. Lott) - Sexy audio - Touch M…

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Download Escape From The Asylum Escape From The Asylum icon
Escape From The Asylum

Get ready for a horror experience you won’t soon forget! Welcome to The Asylum, home to some of the creepiest, insane people in the world. Luckily for you, you’re safe and sound in the comfort of the security office….but not tonight! A power outage has allowed the patients to escape from their rooms. You need to leave before the patients find you,…

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Download Construction Truck Builder Construction Truck Builder icon
Construction Truck Builder

The construction truck lover in your family will have lots of fun building their very own construction truck. Build different types of construction trucks including bulldozer, excavator and more. Add wheels, crane and more in the fun simulator game that kids will love. Features: - Build different types of construction trucks - Easy controls - Fun…

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Download Great White Shark Attack Great White Shark Attack icon
Great White Shark Attack

A massive, hungry Great White Shark is right on your heels! You need to swim fast to survive and avoid the razor sharp rocks in your way. Will you be able to get away from the giant shark or will you become lunch? Features: - Tap to swim - Fun graphics(Look at that GIANT shark!) - Easy to play - Escape the hungry shark or become its lunch If you…

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Download Unicorn Dash Unicorn Dash icon
Unicorn Dash

Help the cute little baby Unicorn run through the magical forest. Make the Unicorn jump over obstacles and collect fruits and magic stars. Watch out for owls and other birds that will try to attack the Unicorn. Run and jump your way as far as you can through the beautiful magical forest. How far will your Unicorn dash? Features: - Fun Unicorn ru…

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Download Love Calculator Prank Love Calculator Prank icon
Love Calculator Prank

Disclaimer: This app is for entertament purposes only and is not a real love calculator. Are you and your friends always fighting over the same guy or girl? Well here is your chance to set them straight. HOW IT WORKS: The love calculator will always give your friends a low love match, and will always give you a high love match (because you know…

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Download 1941 Air Combat 1941 Air Combat icon
1941 Air Combat

The year is 1941 and top Russian pilot Natasha Ivanova, Code Name: Night Witch, has been given orders to fly deep into the Volkhovsky Forest and take out as many German planes as she can. How many will she be able to take out before going down in a blaze of glory? Features: - Shoot down German fighter planes and bombers - Collect power ups to he…

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Download Heavy Metal Music Creator Heavy Metal Music Creator icon
Heavy Metal Music Creator

Create thousands of your own heavy metal songs with the touch of a few buttons! Simply select the drum beats and the electric guitar beats and press play to create awesome heavy metal music. It's so easy. FEATURES: - High quality heavy metal sound - 3 Different instruments - drums and 2 electric guitars - Easy to learn and use Special t…

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Download Pregnancy Test Scanner Prank Pregnancy Test Scanner Prank icon
Pregnancy Test Scanner Prank

Disclaimer: Pregnancy Test Scanner cannot really detect if you are pregnant. It's just a prank to play on your friends. Fool your friends with this fun app! HOW IT WORKS: The scanner analyzes your friends fingerprint and tells them if they're pregnant or not. The fun part? The scanner always gives them a 'pregnant' result, and…

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