Angelo Gizzi

  • Demolition Girl

    Demolition Girl




    Demolition Girl really loves to blow stuff up. Lucky for her, we got lots of stuff that needs blowing up! Place the explosives in the right spots to make buildings tumble to the ground, but make sure it all falls below the target line. Features: - Fun Physics-Based Game - Blow Stuff Up! -...

  • Guess The Dinosaur

    Guess The Dinosaur




    Guess The Dinosaur is a fun trivia game that children as well as adults will love. The game is simple, you are shown a picture of a dinosaur and have to guess what kind it is. The high definition 3D photos of the dinosaurs will delight everyone as well.

  • Make Burgers

    Make Burgers


    Create REAL BURGERS! Build your burger BIG or small, you decide. You can use many popular burger toppings to create the perfect burger including, bacon, onions, cheese, lettuce, ketchup, mayo and more! Features: - HD graphics (you can almost taste the burger!) - Easy to use TIP: - To...

  • Catch The Monsters

    Catch The Monsters


    These cute little monsters have taken over the park, and it's your job to catch them. Catch The Monsters is a fun and super addictive game for the whole family. Use your finger to catch the monsters into the net before they escape, but watch out, the monsters will shoot up fireballs and try...

  • 3D Ball Toss

    3D Ball Toss


    Finally! A 3D game for your iPhone or iPod touch. Please note: You need to use red/cyan 3D glasses to view in 3D. 3D Ball Toss is a fun game for people of all ages. Use your finger to flick the ball into the bin, but pay close attention to the wind speed and direction. THE 3D EFFECT IS...

  • Adult Sex Test

    Adult Sex Test




    Hi, I'm Ms. Mona Lott and I'll be your teacher for today. I have put together a test filled with some of the funniest and most bizarre questions about sex you have ever seen. Let's see how much you really know about sex. Are you ready to take the ADULT SEX TEST? FEATURES: -...

  • Dress Up Poodle

    Dress Up Poodle


    This New York City poodle needs a new look. Can you help her? Dress her up with items in 7 different categories. Categories are: - Body Color - Legs - Dress - Hair - Hat - Handbag - Sunglasses Tips: - Touch the right side of the screen to make the menu appears. - Touch the left...

  • Ashley's Dress Up

    Ashley's Dress Up


    Help Ashley pick out an outfit for a night on the town, or maybe a day at the beach. Have fun!

  • Make Sushi

    Make Sushi


    Make delicious sushi! Make many popular sushi including, amaebi, sine, maguro, ikura and more! Features: - HD graphics - Easy to use TIP: - To remove an item, simply drag it onto the red X at the bottom left of the screen. Have Fun! * Check out my other food apps. - Cookie Maker -...

  • Make Pizza

    Make Pizza




    Make delicious pizza! Make many popular pizzas including, pepperoni, Hawaiian, vegetarian and many more (or you can create your own unique pizza)! Features: - HD graphics (you can almost smell the pizza!) - Easy to use TIP: - To remove an item, simply drag it onto the red X at the bottom...

  • Animal Stickers

    Animal Stickers




    Your little ones will have lots of fun creating their very own Farm or African Savanna. There are 26 different animal stickers and 2 different scenes to keep your child entertained. THE FARM: Stickers include - Bird - Bumble Bee - Bunny - Cat - Caterpillar - Chicken - Cow - Dog -...






    You're the shark! Eat as many swimmers as you can, but watch out for mines that will blow you to bits! Features: - Addictive fast paced gameplay - Amazing graphics - You get to play as a 20 foot Great White Shark, and eat people! Special thanks to Thanvannispan.

  • Finger Slicer

    Finger Slicer


    Test your nerve and skill with this fun and addicting reaction time game. How To Play: Simply put your finger in the hole and remove it before the blade slices it. Easy, right? Well considering the blade comes crashing down in under 0.4 seconds you're going to have to be really quick....

  • Make Ice Cream

    Make Ice Cream




    Make delicious ice cream! You can use over 40 different items to help you make the perfect ice cream cone or sundae including, jelly beans, gummy bears, strawberries, cherries, bananas and many more! Features: - HD graphics (you will want to eat your screen!) - Lots of different toppings...

  • Annoy Everybody

    Annoy Everybody


    The most annoying sounds in the world at your fingertips. Annoy people at school, work, home or wherever you want. Included are 72 high quality, amplified sounds that are sure to annoy everybody. You can play one sound at a time, or if you're feeling extra annoying, multiple sounds at once....

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