Angelo Gizzi

  • Alarms, Horns and Sirens

    Alarms, Horns and Sirens




    Alarms, Horns and Sirens contains 36 different, well.... Alarms, Horns and Sirens. All sounds have been amplified and are sure to make people jump. LIST OF SOUNDS: -10 Different Police Sirens -Aircraft Alarm -Air horn #1 -Air Horn #2 -Air Raid Siren -Alarm Clock #1 -Alarm Clock #2...

  • Alphabet Safari

    Alphabet Safari


    Alphabet Safari is a great way to teach your toddler or preschooler his or her ABC's. Alphabet Safari uses real-life photographs of animals and matches them up with the letters of the alphabet, along with the sound of each letter being spoken. The beautiful high definition photos will...

  • Dress With Jess

    Dress With Jess


    Hi I'm Jess, that's short for Jessica, and I love to play dress up in my room. Do you want to play with me? You can change my hair, eyes, mouth, socks, shoes, outfit, headbands and eyewear to create 100's of different looks. Let's Play! Tips: - Touch the top half of the...

  • 101 Insults

    101 Insults


    101 of the funniest and meanest insults you have ever heard! 4 different categories of insults including: Fat Insults: Can fat people go skinny dipping? Stupid Insults: If you were twice as smart, you'd still be stupid! Ugly Insults: If my dog looked like you, I'd shave it's...

  • North Pole Matching Game

    North Pole Matching Game


    North Pole Matching Game is a fun Christmas themed memory game where you must click on matching cards to win. Object of the game: To find all the matching pairs of cards. How to play: Touch two of the cards. If both cards are the same, those cards will be removed. The game is over when you...

  • Make Donuts

    Make Donuts




    Make yummy donuts! You can use over 40 different items to help you make many popular donuts including, Boston Creme, Jelly, Double Chocolate and many more (or you can create your own unique donut)! Features: - HD graphics - Easy to use - Make as many donuts as you want! TIP: - To remove...

  • Ask Santa

    Ask Santa


    Santa knows if you've been naughty or nice, but he also knows the answers to all your questions! Just ask Santa a yes or no question, then shake your device (or press the ask button). Santa will reach into the future to find the answers to your questions. He knows what will be, and is...

  • Finger Drum Kit

    Finger Drum Kit




    When you're feeling bored at home or the office, here's the perfect alternative to tapping your fingernails or clicking the top of a pen. This finger-sized drum kit will bring out the drummer in all of us with true to life sounds and seven touch sensitive percussive instruments. Set...

  • Fashion Model Zit Popper

    Fashion Model Zit Popper




    Pimple popping fun! These models have a photo shoot in 60 seconds, but their faces are covered in zits. Help the models by popping all the zits, but you better hurry up or the pimples will grow back. Features: - Disguising sounds and animations - 15 models to help - Pop zits!

  • Goldfish Toss

    Goldfish Toss




    Goldfish Toss is a simple but very addicting game. Use your finger to flick the goldfish into the toilet bowl, but pay close attention to the wind speed and direction or your goldfish will go splat.

  • MP5 Builder

    MP5 Builder




    Customize your very own MP5 submachine gun, and then shoot it! You can choose from items in 5 different categories. - Stock - Scope - Magazine Clip - Handguard - Silencer Tips: - Touch the gun to shoot it! The sound it makes depends on whether or not a silencer is equipped. Have Fun!

  • Amy's Dress Up

    Amy's Dress Up




    Can you help Amy pick out an outfit for a day at work, or a night at the club, or even her own wedding? Create 100's of different looks! You can choose from items in 8 different categories. Go from punk to glamorous, you decide! Categories are: - Hair - Tops - Dresses - Pants and...

  • Amazing Mind Reading Trick

    Amazing Mind Reading Trick


    Amaze your friends and family with this cool mind reading trick. How it works: There are five cards on the screen. The user is asked to pick one of the cards in their mind. The iPhone then scans their fingerprint and is able to read their mind and remove the card they're thinking of. This...

  • Create Aliens From Mars

    Create Aliens From Mars


    Get ready for some out of this world fun! Create Aliens From Mars lets you mix and match 35 different items to create 100's of different wacky alien combinations! When you're finished creating your alien, take a snapshot and share it with your friends and family. TIP: - To remove...

  • Beach Girl Dress Up

    Beach Girl Dress Up




    Summer is here and Madison needs help choosing the perfect look for the beach. Can you help her out! Create 100's of different looks using items in 5 different categories: - Skin Color - Hair - Tops - Bottoms - Sunglasses Tips: - Touch the right side of the screen to make the menu...

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