Angelo Gizzi

  • Beach Girl Dress Up

    Beach Girl Dress Up




    Summer is here and Madison needs help choosing the perfect look for the beach. Can you help her out! Create 100's of different looks using items in 5 different categories: - Skin Color - Hair - Tops - Bottoms - Sunglasses Tips: - Touch the right side of the screen to make the menu...

  • GUNS





    If you love guns then you will love this app. GUNS. lets you pull the trigger on many popular guns including the, AK-47 Assault Rifle, Steyr Aug Rifle, HK MP5 Submachine Gun, AWP (Arctic Warfare Police) Sniper Rifle, Desert Eagle Pistol and many more! See and hear these guns in action with...

  • Doodle Space Hockey

    Doodle Space Hockey


    Challenge your friends or play against the computer in a game of Doodle Space Hockey! The game is simple. Knock the doodle puck into your opponents net. The first to 5 wins! Features: - HD graphics - Cool sounds - Play against a friend or the computer - Fun for all ages Have Fun!

  • Beach Party Shark Attack

    Beach Party Shark Attack




    Sara and her friends wanted to have one last night to party at the beach before the end of summer. What they didn't know was that they would be sharing the water with hundreds of hungry GREAT WHITE SHARKS! It's up to you to save Sara and her friends. Armed with your trusty shotgun, you...

  • Dress Up John

    Dress Up John




    Can you help John pick out an outfit for a day at work, or a night at the club, or even a movie premiere? Create 100's of different looks! You can choose from items in 8 different categories. Categories are: - Hair - Tops - Bottoms - Jackets - Ties and necklace - Shoes - Sunglasses...

  • Fruit Kids

    Fruit Kids


    How many Fruit Kids will you catch? Fruit Kids is a fun game for the whole family. Use your finger to catch the Fruit Kids into the net before they fall to the ground, but don't catch any of the snakes. FEATURES - Cute high definition graphics. - Cute sounds. - Hours of enjoyment for...

  • Worst Pickup Lines, EVER!

    Worst Pickup Lines, EVER!


    A huge collection of quite possibly the worst pickup lines of all time. GUARANTEED NOT TO WORK! *Disclaimer - The creators of this app take no responsibility for any slaps to the face, kicks to the groin or drinks thrown in the face that may (and probably will) happen when using these pickup...

  • Fart Machine

    Fart Machine


    The Fart Machine comes with 45 different REAL fart sounds. All sounds are amplified, so everyone will here them. A great way to embarrass people at school, home, work or the mall. All your favourite fart types are here: - Ripper - Wet - Surprise - Squeaky - Diesel - Grandma - Beefy -...

  • Ninja Vs. Aliens

    Ninja Vs. Aliens




    Run and jump over platforms as far as you can, but watch out for UFO's that will drop down aliens who will try to knock you down to your DOOM! FEATURES: - INSANELY ADDICTING - Fast paced gameplay - Fun yet challenging - Awesome soundtrack Good luck!

  • Angry Truckers

    Angry Truckers




    Forget about birds, these angry truckers are trying to run you down with their rigs. Lucky for you, you brought along your M16 assault rifle. Can you take out the angry truckers before they turn you into roadkill? Features: - Beautiful graphics and awesome sound - Fast paced and intense...

  • ATG Security Systems

    ATG Security Systems




    Impress your friends and family into thinking your iPhone has REAL fingerprint security! ------------ How it works: ------------ Run the app and then put your device down. When somebody uses your device they will be presented with the ATG security screen. No matter how many times they scan...

  • Fashion Model Makeover

    Fashion Model Makeover


    Supermodel Sofia needs a new look for her upcoming photo shoot. Can you put together a look that will be a big hit in the fashion magazines? Create 1000's of different looks from classy to wild! Tips: - Touch the right side of the screen to make the menu appear. - Touch the left side of...

  • Death Text Prank

    Death Text Prank




    Nosey boyfriend or girlfriend always reading your text messages? Well now it's time to teach them a lesson with death text prank. GUARANTEED TO SCARE THE SOCKS OFF EVERYONE! Simply set the timer and place your phone down. When the "victim" come along and tries to read your text...

  • Gingerbread House Maker

    Gingerbread House Maker


    A very simple way for kids to create their own gingerbread house this holiday season. Kids will love to decorate their very own gingerbread house using 30 different items. Just drag and drop the items at the desired spot and let your virtual gingerbread house glow. Once you have finished...

  • Emo Girl Dress Up

    Emo Girl Dress Up




    Help this cute emo girl decide what to wear! Can you make this emo girl stand out and be better than all the other emos out there? Create 100's of different emo girls! You can choose from items in 8 different categories. Categories are: - Hair - Tops - Bottoms - Shoes - Socks -...

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