Original ideas come first, the rest simply follow.

Annahid Games is founded by a developer with a bit of graphical knowledge. I make what I like to play and what we wish to play. I try to only implement original ideas in my games and not copy anything that is already there.

  • 7.0

    Hungry Slimes (Free)




    Hungry Slimes is an original physics-based arcade

  • 5.0

    Hungry Slimes




    Hungry Slimes is an original physics-based arcade

  • Bomb Squad




    This game is all about searching and survival. It is a dungeon crawler with bomberman-style mechanics. You have to discover your way in each level, and disarm bombs, which involves a simple puzzle. These however are not the only differences. Here is the story. Commander Rocksmasher is a former...

  • Sensible




    A simple all-in-one testing solution for all sensors in your android device. It provides graphical toys to list and play around your sensors, as well as reporting sensor values for professional users, and plotting graphs of the changes over time. This application is suitable for developers,...

  • 8.0

    Friend Brush




    Automatically generate collages from your own gallery of photos

  • 7.0

    Give Me a Kiss!




    Make Grace choose you, get her to kiss you

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