Anthony Tietjen

  • Red Screen Flashlight

    Red Screen Flashlight




    Use your device as a red screen flashlight.

  • Cost Per Ounce Calculator

    Cost Per Ounce Calculator




    Great tool for comparison shoppers. Just punch in the numbers and figure out which one of those sales is really the best deal.

  • Toggle LED Flashlight

    Toggle LED Flashlight




    Place a shortcut to this app on your home screen. Then tap it to toggle the LED on and off. Requires a device with LED built-in. REFUNDS: Not guaranteed to work with all devices. You are responsible to request a refund within 15 minutes of purchase if it does not work for your device.

  • Black Screen LED Flashlight

    Black Screen LED Flashlight




    BETA SOFTWARE WARNING: Ideally the features listed below would work on all devices with an LED light. However, I can't test all devices, so if a feature doesn't work for your device, you are responsible to request a refund. (See REFUNDS below). FEATURES: * Use your camera's flash as...

  • Two Column List

    Two Column List




    This app lets you easily and quickly create a list of notes or thoughts. However, in each list you get two columns to work with. Add and delete rows as well as quickly move a row up or down for list maintenance.

  • Visual Timer

    Visual Timer




    This is a timer that displays a visual countdown. Just enter the amount of minutes you would like to count down, and press Start.

  • Blue Screen Flashlight

    Blue Screen Flashlight




    For those people who want a blue screen.

  • White Screen Flashlight

    White Screen Flashlight




    Displays a white screen that can be used as a flashlight. It is a great option for phones that don't have an LED light. * Hides the notification bar and the title bar.

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